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11 Low Carb Dipping Chips Options

by Heather Hooker

Think you have to give up chips when you make the switch to a low carb diet? I have good news! Even if your favorite low carb dipping chips aren’t low carb I’m sure that you’ll be able to find a good low carb swap from this list!

low carb dipping chips

Low Carb Carnivore Chips

1. Pepperoni Chips – easy peasy, low carb and tasty! You can turn regular pepperoni slices into pepperoni “chips” by baking them until crispy.

2. Pork Rinds – the low carb OG!! Don’t underestimate the versatility of a good pork rind. You can find them in a bunch of different flavors or just stock up on the original plain version if you want to let your dip shine.

3. Bacon Chips – That’s right – you can use everyone’s favorite keto sprinkle as a chip! Genius.

4. Cheese Chips – You can make your own chips easily in the microwave or the oven OR you can purchase packaged cheese chips – there are so many flavor options. I prefer homemade of course!

5. Chicken Chips – One of the newer developments in prepackaged keto friendly food is something called “chicken chips” which are chips….made out of chicken. There are a few different brands and a several different flavors to try.

Low Carb Vegetable Chips

Low Carb dipping chips made from vegetables can be higher in carbs than the previous carnivore versions but these carbs are the good kind that you want to fit into your low carb diet anyway and what better way to eat your veggies than to cover them in a delicious dip?

6. Celery – Basic, cheap, gets the job done. And tastes especially delicious with buffalo chicken dip and crab dip.

7. Bell Pepper Sticks – I don’t love raw bell peppers but with the right dip this can be a satisfying combo! Slice your bell pepper into sticks, scoop up your favorite dip and enjoy the crunch!

8. Radish Chips

9. Zucchini Chips

low carb dipping chips

Closest to the Real Thing Chips

These chips are the highest in carbs and don’t necessarily fit into a strict keto diet but they are a better alternative that a bag of normal chips and they sure do taste good!

10. Quest Chips – Warning – these chips are not cheap but they are an easy way to satisfy that chip craving! My favorite flavor hands down is loaded taco. I eat them plain out of the bag but I’ve also used them to make keto nachos and keto walking tacos! You can find these in the ‘health supplement’ section of your local target or order them by the case from amazon like I do.

11. Homemade Tortilla or Flatbread Chips – You can use a low carb tortilla or low carb lavash bread to make these chips and while they would definitely fall into the dirty keto category – they are pretty dang close to the real thing!! Click here to see how I make them!