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Day Drinking Ketones at the Beach!

by Heather Hooker

🥤 DAY DRINKING! This year – more than ever before – has shown me just how much I need these ketones.
I have needed all of the patience (and a little bit more) & focus to virtual school my kids.
I have needed a full nights sleep and the non-jittery energy boost to power through the days (weeks, months) that felt so long …
Appetite Suppression – lord where to start. I’ve gained some new “quarancurves” but I can’t imagine what the damage would be without this drink available to help curb my snacking.
Most of all- I like the way it makes me feel & that alone is worth the five bucks it costs me. One easy step with a ton of benefits to my health, my fam & my day. I’m SOLD!
ps- I just added a 5 day variety pack to the shop section of my website in case you want to try a few flavors & see what you like! You are worth it friend xoxo

SHOP: { thefitmomtribe.com/shop }

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