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Earning My Second Luxury Car as a Pruvit Promoter

by Heather Hooker

It’s been ONE YEAR since I picked out the second luxury vehicle I earned through my company ☺️ When I read my original words I wanted to repost them because…it’s all still true – more than ever actually! 💓💓


Pretty much the only thing my new mom mobile doesn’t do, but to be honest I’m pretty good at doing that myself 🤣

I cried in this car when I picked it up. It is by far, the nicest car I’ve ever owned and I earned it & I’m paying for it BY MYSELF.

Do you have any idea what that feels like as a former single mother wondering how she was going to pay for anything?! Ten years ago I had the most humbling experience of my life walking into a nondescript government office to apply for free formula, feeling like I had taken the biggest detour in my life. I knew that I was meant for more, but it sure didn’t look like this.

But I believe that it’s our struggles that are the gift. They force us to dig deep + decide what we want out of life. And they force us to grow closer in our walk with the Lord + surrender to Him. (Warning: may cause miracles 🖤)

👉🏽 I’ll be the first to admit that as a keto coach + business mentor, I don’t want to hear your excuses. I’m fluent in tough love because…

I believe that E V E R Y O N E has the ability to change their entire life, through taking control of the only thing that matters – our HEALTH – and I also believe that there’s nothing on the planet that can stop a woman who is determined to rise 🔥
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