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Everything But The Bagel Bacon

by Heather Hooker

HAVE YOU TRIED THIS?! 👇🏻 All I’m saying is don’t knock it til you’ve tried it 🥓😍 Easiest keto snack ever: bacon + cream cheese + ebtb seasoning 🧂

Everything but the bagel seasoning is one of my favorites! If I could pick 4 it would be pink Himalayan salt, fresh ground pepper, EBTB & garlic!! Those 4 are pretty much the only ones I use and I know I should probably branch out but they make everything so tasty!

How do you like to cook your bacon? I made this in the air fryer and it turned out perfectly with less mess than my usual methods.

Baking my bacon is my second favorite way but it takes longer to get super crispy than the air fryer.

I’ve ruined too many tee shirts trying to fry bacon in a frying pan – so I stay away from that method.

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