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3 Years Ago I Quietly Started the Keto Diet!

by Heather Hooker

holisti.fit.wellness T H R O W B A C K T H U R S D A Y // 3 years ago I quietly started KETO! At the time, no one I knew was doing it, there were no documentaries, & there were no books in target about keto.

What I did know was hands on. I knew that people could lose weight by eating plain chicken and steamed vegetables – but that it gets old REAL quick. I knew that even though I had achieved my “goal weight” I WAS TIRED. I was tired all day! Tired of getting up at 5am to workout. Tired of falling asleep before my husband even got home at night. And I was tired of TURKEY BACON. 😝

So I jumped & I never looked back! Believe it or not it was a risky thing to do, but that’s a story for another day!
This one simple choice- Wanting to eat yummy food AND feel good in my skin has changed my family forever. If you learn not one other thing from me ever – it’s FOLLOW YOUR GUT ALWAYS 💓