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4 Ways to Turn Around a Bad Day

by Heather Hooker

DO OVER!! Sometimes when I start to recognize that a day is going off the rails I will stop and say that out loud. It actually does help. We all have those days where it seems like one tiny thing sets off a whole chain of events where nothing seems to be working out in our favor!

But I have a checklist that I use as soon as I recognize that I’m having one of those days and it has helped me so much to change my mindset and feel like life isn’t happening TO me but that I have control over my thoughts, my actions, and my day.

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Getting your butt kicked at the gym is basically therapy and I dare you to try to feel bad after the endorphins start pumping through your veins. No gym? Put on a pair of sneakers and go outside for a run/walk/jog – I promise that even if it sounds like the worst plan ever – you will feel so much better after.


Have you ever thought about where the word ‘grounded’ comes from? Sometimes you just need to take 5 minutes and step outside. Let the sun shine on your face, put your toes in the grass if you can and soak up some of that good good Vitamin D.


Journaling with a pen and paper is a KEY part of my miracle morning routine as it helps me get my mind right and set my intentions for the day. That old saying – you either run the day or it runs you is true! Focusing on the things that you are grateful for will allow more of those things to show up in your life and speaking life over yourself through affirmations just… works.

Think of it this way – if you were to tell a child that they were good, they would believe you right? And if you were to tell a child that they were bad, they would also believe you. Most of us believe the bad thoughts about ourselves in our heads more than anything good about ourselves. Have you ever given a friend a compliment only for them to shake their head and start pointing out all of the things that they think are wrong about themselves?

Changing those thought processes in our own heads require intention on our part and affirmations are an easy way that you can start to change that thought process for yourself. I use this with my kids all the time as well!

‘I’m not good at fractions’ becomes ‘I can learn anything – including fractions!’


Afterwards I’ll crank up some good music (the louder the better and I’m partial to Britney Spears or Taylor Swift – go ahead and judge me!) Turn on your favorite song, allow yourself to shake your booty for a few minutes and tackle the rest of your day knowing that YOU HAVE GOT THIS GIRLFRIEND!!

What I know:

YOU can’t always control your day but you can control your reaction. I know that these 4 things make me feel good so I keep ‘em in my toolkit for CRAPPY DAYS.

Don’t trust me? I DARE you to write down 10 things you are grateful for and see if it doesn’t change your whole mood. Or take a walk outside & feel a little better than you did before.


How do YOU turn a day around?! 👇🏼

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