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5 Minute Contour with Maskcara Makeup

by Heather Hooker

HAVE YOU SEEN THIS?! 💓 Have to share this cream contour kit that I’ve been LOVING for over a year now!

👉🏽 I first started contouring during my pregnancy with Hanky to try to “hide” some of the roundness in my face from the 60 lbs I gained & trust me I’ve tried a lot of different kinds and brands.

📸 A simple 5 minute contour makes a HUGE difference in photos and video – so I started using this to help me feel a little more confident in my selfies, lives & YouTube videos.

In general – I’m a big fan of anything that gives me a confidence boost & helps me feel pulled together quickly so…. I shared it with my Mom who loved it so much that she became a Maskara makeup artist! Annnnd it makes me feel human again after months of quarantine 🙈

It’s challenging to pick the right colors if you aren’t familiar with them but send her a pm & she can hook you up with the right colors for you❣️

SHOP: DonnaBogerbeauty.com


Contour (use as shadow too)- Astoria
Highlight – Sandy
Illuminator – Rose Gold
Blush- Plum Lip & Cheek
Lips- Peppermint Lip Conditioner + Sunshine State Lip & Cheek

I love all of the brushes but can’t live without the Buffy Brush

If you have any questions I’ll try to answer or you can message my mom directly to get color matched 💋 Just search ‘Donna Boger Beauty’ on Facebook!