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60 Hour Keto Reboot Kits are Back!

by Heather Hooker

my first 60 hour bone broth fast

It’s back! The ever popular 60 Hour Keto Reboot that will reset your metabolism, reboot your insides, and help you make the switch to a healthier lifestyle or break through an annoying weight loss plateau! The Reboot is only available for a few days each month and includes everything you will need:

  • ​​Keto Kalm Tea – Helps promote restful sleep, helps curb our nighttime cravings, helps destress your mind and body
  • Better (Bone) Broth – Using the highest quality beef and chicken broth and fully loaded with our patented ketone blend, this broth will help you increase your immune system, better skin, hair and nails, and maintain new muscle growth! It’s also delicious no matter which flavor you get!
  • Signal OS Capsules – Patented to help you increase DNA signaling repair while strengthening your ability to focus and your immune system.
  • Raspberry Lemonade Keto NAT – Our upgraded ketone formula that helps give you energy, decrease cravings, burn more stored fat, and tastes like a dessert!

I am attaching some photos of real Reboot results below! The first time I did it I was shocked to lose 7 lbs and the last time I completed the keto reboot I only saw the scale move 2 lbs but I lost multiple inches in my waist (my trouble spot for sure!) It is completely up to you if you want to continue your workout regimen during the two full days of the reboot – some do – although I prefer to use this time as a sort of DETOX and REST period for my body and mind each month. One of the biggest eye openers for me the first time around was learning the difference between true physical hunger and how much I graze mindlessly during the day!

You will get access to a private keto reboot group with certified reboot coaches and helpful printable pdf optimization guides for you to follow during your reboot and beyond! There will be a guide that tells you how to optimize the 30 days after your Keto Reboot as well! If you have major goals I recommend that you grab the 60 Hour Reboot Kit + A Full Box of Keto//NAT Ketones or an 8 Day Flavor Sampler Kit to use following the reboot! You do not need to follow a strict ketogenic diet to experience the benefits of taking ketones daily.

If you have any questions about this please let me now! I would happy to help guide you through this transition to a leaner, happier, better you – YOU v2.0!

Helpful Links:

Learn more and purchase your 60 Hour Keto Reboot

Learn more and purchase Keto//NAT – I can offer my brand new customers coupon code for this if you would like to purchase it separately from your Keto Reboot!

5 + 8 Day Flavor Sampler Kits 

My First 60 Hour Keto Reboot Experience

Before + After Photos 


I’m so, SO excited to complete this Spring Reboot and Refresh with you! Please send me a message and let me know that you have ordered so I can make sure you are added to the private group ASAP!!


Heather Hooker @ thefitmomtribe.com

Youtube: Heather Hooker Keto

IG: Heather Hooker Keto


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