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75 Day Hard Challenge

by Heather Hooker

I have been getting so many questions about the 75 Day Hard Challenge since I’ve been sharing my journey on Instagram and Tiktok. The 75 Day Hard Challenge is a mental and physical toughness challenge that was created by Andy Frisella. The challenge is completely free and when he first announced the challenge he said that he didn’t think anyone would complete it.

I completed over 30 days of 75 Hard and lost almost 8 lbs. Not only that but I read a whole book for the first time in… a while. And I earned a new PR on my Peloton bike. I am really proud of myself for committing to it for 30 days!!

To complete the 75 Day Hard Challenge you have to complete a list of tasks every single day for 75 Days, if you miss one thing on the checklist you have to start over at day 1.

Here are the items on the daily checklist for the 75 Day Hard Challenge:

45 minute workout

45 minute workout outside

Take Progress Picture

10 Pages of reading business development book

Drink 1 gallon of water

Follow a diet

No cheat meals or alcohol

If the 75 Day Hard Challenge is something that you would like to learn more about you can listen to Andy’s Real AF podcast where he goes more into detail on each item but that list is the gist of the entire challenge.

There is an APP called 75 Hard that you can download that will help you to check off the daily tasks – it was helpful to me but it became another thing to add to the daily checklist! There were several days when I completed all of the tasks but forget to check everything off on the app checklist.

I completed over 30 days of the 75 Days Hard Challenge and I documented most of it on my Instagram! You can click here to read my daily 75 Days Hard Challenge journal entries. I had great results and felt great drinking more water, being sober, and working out more. I ended up stopping the challenge because I started to feel the need to BINGE. Ultimately, it was a GREAT jumpstart for me but I need a little more balance that 75 days no rest days and no cheat meals.

Ultimately the best lifestyle is for you is the one that you can see doing forever and the 75 Days Hard Challenge wasn’t it for me. I am better for having followed it for any length of time and it helped me tremendously!!