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9 Tips for an Amazing 60 Hour Keto Reboot by Pruvit

by Heather Hooker

I am so excited about our ONE WEEK KETONE CHALLENGE & REBOOT that starts Monday!! 🥳🥳🥳

(If you are starting with the Reboot you will start Sunday night!)

There are 48 of us participating this month and I cannot WAIT to see the transformations that happen inside and out!!

9 Tips for my REBOOTERS:

  1. Please eat normally this weekend – there is no need to over indulge. This is not your last meal, ok! 🤣 The actual reboot will take place over two days – Monday & Tuesday. You can do anything for two dats, right?!
  2. Your mindset is KEY 🔑 Seriously. The reboot gives you what you give it. If you go into it thinking how terrible it will be – it WILL be terrible! Alternately, if you look forward to giving your body a rest and reset and have a POSITIVE mindset, you’ll have a much better experience. I think this applies to everything in life ☺️
  3. Down the app called LIFE fasting and use it during the reboot. It’s fascinating the changes that happen internally that you might not feel right away! It is about HEALTH and any bloat or sludge that gets flushed out is a 🌟BONUS🌟 I have a fasting circle that you can join so we can cheer each other on!

👉🏽 I’ve been using the LIFE app to track my Intermittent Fasting. Join my fasting circle! https://lifefastingtracker.app.link/A07XgwPMa8

  1. Take before pics. Front, back, side. Scale is fine but we are going to track your progress through pics. DONT SKIP THIS STEP! Pictures, pictures, pictures. You will be losing inches in your waist (which doesn’t always show up on the scale!)
  2. The directions for the 60 Hour Reboot are in your package. Set timers on your phone for each product! If it’s not in the box, it’s not part of the reboot but you are a grown up and you can make your own decisions 🤪

Also – if you want to break it up and do two 24 hour fasts instead – that’s okay! You are not a failure if you don’t do 60 straight your first time.

  1. WATER. WATER. WATER. Thirsty? Drink more water. Hungry?! Drink more water. Headaches? Water. Fatigue? Water. Low energy? Water. Bad skin? Water. Grumpy?! Water
  2. Over the counter pain meds are ok if you need them. Headaches are a normal part of caffeine and sugar withdrawal so you might get one – or maybe not!
  3. I am going to highly encourage you to take this Reboot as a monthly chance to slow down & rest not only your gut but your mind, body and spirit. Journal. Read a book. Take longer walks. Soak in a tub. Go to bed early. Put your feet in the grass. Lay in the sun 💓