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90 Second Keto Sandwich Bread

by Heather Hooker

Sometimes you just need a sandwich OK?! This 90 second mug bread becomes a GAME CHANGER when you make it in a sandwich sized Tupperware instead of a mug πŸ’‘

Slice it in half and stuff it with chicken salad or your favorite meats and cheese for simple, fast, low carb comfort food!

To make the bread combine
1 tablespoon butter,
β…“ cup blanched almond flour,
1 egg,
Β½ teaspoon baking powder,
1 pinch salt and microwave for 90 seconds in a buttered sandwich size Tupperware container. Let cool and then carefully slice in half for a LEGIT low carb sandwich! Or get crazy and toast the slices first in a little butter 🀀

What’s your favorite sandwich – chicken salad or tuna salad?! πŸ”πŸŸ