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Air Fryer Whole Chicken – Keto Friendly Meal

by Heather Hooker

Cooking a whole chicken is one of the TASTIEST + THRIFTIEST meals you can make! Have you ever done it?
I started baking whole chickens for dinner back in my couponing days! I’d grab one on sale, bake it for dinner. Pull the leftover chicken for chicken salad or chicken pie & then throw the leftover bones in a crockpot to make chicken broth. It is truly, a great way to spread your grocery budget a little bit further while eating healthy, delicious food!
While I normally BAKE my whole chickens I am obsessed with my air fryer so wanted to try it this way and it did not disappoint!! Here’s how to do it:

  1. Start with the smallest chicken you can find (normally a 3 lb bird) based on the size of your air fryer you want it to fit comfortably in there, with plenty of room for air to circulate all the way around.
  2. Enough olive oil to coat the bird inside and out. 2-3 tbsp should be plenty!
  3. 2-3 tbsp of your favorite seasonings. I’ve used Italian seasoning, poultry seasoning and a blend of thyme, onion & celery salt – you can’t really go wrong so use what you have! Rub this in on top of the olive oil.
  4. 1 fresh lemon. Roll it around before you cut it then squeeze the juice onto the bird and stuff it up the.. well, you know – opening. 😝
  5. Make sure giblets are removed first!
  6. Tie the legs together if you have twine, if not no worries
  7. Place the chicken breast-side down into the air fryer basket. Turn the air fryer on to 350°F.
  8. Cook for 30 minutes, flip the chicken over and cook for 25-30 minutes or until an instant read thermometer reaches 165°F.
  9. Remove from the air fryer and rest 10 minutes before cutting.
    That’s it! I loooove my air fryer so much that I’m shopping for a bigger one. If you have a big one that you love please let me know! 😻
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