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August 2020 Krew Team Call Recap

by Heather Hooker

Click HERE to watch the hour long krew team call replay!! As a promoter on our team you have access to all team trainings and calls through the Pruvit Pulse app so make sure that you have it downloaded, with notifications turned ON and add checking it daily to your morning and evening routine.

This business is a numbers game – you have to talk to a lot of people.

Make it your goal to hit the MVP Multiplier bonus – we can all hit this extra bonus every single month. It’s 1600 new volume and 4 new smartship customers. If you hit it every single month you earn $6000 extra per year.

There are so many social media platforms – pick ONE to focus your efforts on.


  • Post at least 3 times to your stories during the day so that you pop back up
  • I always put 10 hashtags in my stories – type them in text then hide it to make it small or put it behind a sticker
  • Post shareable content – when you post this think – is someone going to want to share this? If not, sprinkle the promoter opportunity in the comments or say something about how much you love working from home.
  • Use 20-25 hashtags every single time.
  • Get in their inbox! Reach out to everyone who likes your posts and send them a message
  • Keep a folder of potential promoters by saving one of their posts and saving people to a collection of ‘Future Promoters’
  • Remember that $100 can make a big difference in people’s lives!


  • Welcome post once a week and private message every single person who joins your group with a question. Welcome to my group! Are you doing low carb or are you doing keto?
  • Send messages to people liking and commenting and say ‘ Hey just wanted to say thank you for liking and commenting and engaging in the group!’
  • Post every single morning from me between 6-8am – me drinking ketones, keto fact, go live every single day to build trust.
  • It’s not a NO – it’s a not right now. Continue to continue the conversation and nurture that relationship.
  • It’s ok to say this is not my favorite flavor – truthfulness builds trust.
  • Find promoters by looking for people who are actively posting good content in your group. You have to message them and send them a direct invite – Hey let’s get you set up with a group – Let’s get you started.
  • If they want to get ketones for free – invite them to be a promoter!
  • Giveaways
  • Top Contributor every single month. Two people get something for free every single month.
  • Every time I send out a trial pack I say when you get this please share a picture with the group. As soon as they post the picture with the ketones other people start asking about the ketones – let your group do some of the work for you!
  • When someone messages you to ask a question let them know that you will answer their question but you want them to post about their experience in the facebook group! Let your group do some of the marketing for you!

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  • I love the science – Share the Doctor Lives into your group on Wednesday
  • Lead with education – use the Pruvit TV app and share
  • What you do now you’ll see in 90 days
  • Do what you can, where you can. Plug in for 15 minutes then immediately go implement it. You can learn and learn and learn but that will not move your business forward you just have to dive in and go for it.
  • What is it about me that can help add value to them – they can buy it anywhere
  • It’s too expensive! Ask them what their goals are and what their budget is and let them know that you can create a custom pack with the best products that will help them reach their goals
  • People enjoy seeing your every day life – kids, hot mess mom is relatable.
  • When you get questions you can respond with ‘Have you checked out my Units section?’ which helps provide value
  • FOLLOW UP – huge part of new volume each month because I follow up every month. Your follow up doesn’t have to be about ketones – just reach out and say something
  • FOLLOW UP using your cloud reports and reach out to people
  • Hey where have you been – I haven’t seen you posting in the group


  • Do I have the same intensity I had when I started?
  • Don’t ever let a rank or a paycheck influence your intensity level? What kind of leader do you want to be?
  • Set the pace for your team
  • Story telling – do you ever scroll and think – I just want to be their friend? What I realized was if I can duplicate that and make other people watch my content and – share more stories, more hot mess mom – if people had to pay to be a part of your keto group would people pay for the value, the community, the friendship
  • What are you doing DAILY to show people who you are?
  • What if every single one of your customers was 3 customers – the referral program – You talk about the customer referral program – hey i know you are loving your ketones – did you know that you can get them for free? REFERRALS
  • Let your group do the work – let your group do the group
  • When your free pruvit buck box comes in the mail – show it to them – Hey did you know you can earn your ketones for free? There is no fine print.
  • A customer that refers customers becomes a promoter is ALSO new volume – Hey you’re already doing what I do!

TIPS by Ashley S

  • Show up every single day for ten minutes – that builds trust in stories, lives
  • Connect to your WHY
  • What is your why for the products?
  • What is your why for your business
  • How can I turn this into a story about my day to help connect with other people
  • One book about a low carb lifestyle will give you all the content you need for the next three years