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Basics of Keto Diet – Foods to Avoid and Foods to Eat

by Heather Hooker

Basics of Keto Diet – Foods to Avoid

You know what it means for your body to be in ketosis and all of the benefits, and you know something needs to change – but wrapping your brain around the exact opposite of what we were taught growing up can be tough. #beenthere

Remember the food guide pyramid? Yeah that crap is why we are fatter and sicker than ever! We were lied to and now we have to unlearn what foods are “healthy” – spoiler alert – its not anything processed or full of sugar.

I remember the exact moment that I realized that I basically ate carbs from the time i woke up to the time i went to bed. If you are having the same realization trust me, you are not alone.

I had no idea how good I could feel until I cut out the carbs. I couldn’t shut up about it either!! I wanted all of my friends to know how good they could feel if they made a few tweaks to their diet. I’ve literally made it my JOB to spread the word on this lifestyle and well… here you are. 🙂 I can’t wait for you to share your transformation with me! Let’s start with some foods to AVOID

Basics of Keto Diet – Foods to Eat

Keep it simple friend!! Stick to the items on this list and you will be crossing your goals off so fast you’ll have to come up with new ones!!

This is a short list, but within this list there are actually a TON of options and combinations. Just think of how many different ways you can make eggs! My favorite is deviled lol 😈

One thing I will say about the keto diet is that is the most delicious diet I have ever tried. Focus on what you can have and fill your day with delicious keto food and you won’t even miss the rest – swear!