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Best Free Apps for Weight Loss

by Heather Hooker

What did we even do before smart phones?! My entire day and life is organized on this tiny little device that fits in the back of my pocket and I bet yours is too. Let’s download the best free apps for weight loss to help us on this journey, shall we?

The most amazing part is that there are so many great free apps that can help you make progress on your weigh loss journey. We love that.

I’m going to divide this list into categories to make it a little easier to read, but a little reminder first – you must be in a calorie deficit to lose weight.

Let me say that one more time:

You must be in a calorie deficit to lose weight.

The short explanation of a “calorie deficit” is that you eat less calories than you burn, daily.

These apps can help you reach that sweet spot by helping you eat less calories or burn more.

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Best Free Workout Apps for Weight Loss

YOUTUBE – I’ve tried a ton of workout apps and believe it or not Youtube remains my favorite. You can go to youtube type and type in the search bar exactly what you are looking for and chances are good theres a free workout there for you! For example, if I’ve got 10 minutes and I feel like doing yoga today I can type in 10 minute yoga and jump right in. I’ve even created my own workout calendars using the free workouts on youtube – you can download one here. Some of my favorite fitness creators on youtube are:

STEPSAPP PEDOMETER – Increasing your steps is the best easy way to burn more calories and speed up your weight loss and this app can help you keep track of how many steps you are getting each day. Aim for between 10k and 12k steps daily and watch the scale move!

Best Free Nutrition Apps for Weight Loss

MY FITNESS PAL – the gold standard for good reason. With the free version you can track what you are eating, easily scan in foods and even log your own recipes. My favorite part of my fitness pal is the search box – you can type in almost any food and its already in the database. I’ve been coaching people since 2014 and the simple fact is that people who track their food lose weight faster than people who don’t. Remember that knowledge is power to help you reach your goals!

WATERLLAMA WATER TRACKER – I love this app. Set your water goal, reminders, and track your hydration throughout the day with a few clicks. I believe you can access the basic features for free, but I paid to have the one time upgrade. Drinking enough water will help speed up your weight loss so drink up!

CARB MANAGER – If you are switching from a traditional high carb, highly processed American diet to a lower carb or keto diet that carb manager app can help. It’s the one I used when I first tried keto and it was helpful without being overwhelming. I’ve also used the bracelet method to track my carbs – it’s not an app but it is free.

21 DAY FIX – I’ve seen so many people use this simple system to just make better choices. I don’t think you need shakeology, or the containers, or the 21 day fix workouts to get some value out of using the free 21 Day Fix app. It can be a simple reminder to eat more protein, fruits and veggies!

Best Free Pruvit Apps for Weight Loss

PRUVIT PULSE – You will want to have this app downloaded to find out about flash sales and new flavor launches on your favorite fat burning ketones drinks!

PRUVIT EVERY DAY – Download this free simple habit tracker for daily reminders to make moves that will move you closer to your goals. Such a fun way to connect with anyone who orders using your customer referral code, too.

PRUVIT TV – Nerd out on the science behind your favorite fat burning ketone drinks. I don’t know about you but the more I understand about nutrition and wellness the easier it is to be make better choices.