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Changing Your Mindset Towards Weekly Goals

by Heather Hooker

The mindset shift that happens when you change your goals from focusing on outcomes to focusing on habits 🤯

Instead of feeling restricted I feel motivated.

Instead of feeling frustrated for where I am I feel excitement for where I’m headed!

What’s not on my weekly goal list?

🚫Losing a certain number of lbs

🚫Weighing myself every day

🚫Tracking every macro of food that I eat and hard limits around what I can and can’t have.

My Goals this week are:

☺️ 25 active minutes, every single day. I even made a little workout calendar for myself because I love to check things off.

☺️ Track my net carbs every day using my bracelet method. Easy, simple and effective with no limits on how much or what I eat as long as I make the carbs work!

☺️ 70 ounces of water every day. I’m trying really hard to make this happen (lemon mitoplex helps a TON – makes my water taste like fresh squeezed lemonade plus has other nutrients I need on keto)

☺️PTK’s twice a day. It’s my go go juice and my dessert but I there are just so many benefits to adding these to your day. Aaaaaand let’s be real I like the way they turn off my sugar cravings.

☺️This is my first time posting the word SOBER publicly which makes me feel like – itchy. My goal is to limit my drinking to one day only & to celebrate the ability to have good day, sober, on the other days.

What do you think?! Would shifting your goals towards habits help empower you too?