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Commission and Volume Guide

by Heather Hooker

In this guide I am going to explain commission and volume + how each one affects your business, and give you a breakdown of commission and volume per product for some of our most popular products.

Commission and Volume Explained

Commission is the dollar amount that you earn when someone orders a product through your website links. If you have an active smartship order – which you should – your two highest orders will be paid to you as pruvit bucks. You will earn commission as dollars starting with your third order that ships each month. Pruvit bucks can be applied to your next smartship order and redeemed for free products OR you can use them to create coupons for potential customers to use. There are limits to coupon usage.

Volume is the value that products are given towards your rank. As your business grows you unlock new bonuses based on your rank, and generally monthly volume and rank are a way to see if your business is growing or not.

New Volume is anything a customer or promoter orders during the first 30 days as a customer or promoter. You can unlock the MVP Multiplier bonus each month based on the new volume of products you sell to new customers and/or new promoters. An emphasis is placed on earning new volume each month to keep make sure that your business grows. It is just a fact of network marketing that even smartship customers do not order every month for infinity, so focusing on new volume each month helps ensure that your business stays profitable.

Commission and Volume per Product

The commission and volume you earn per product is based on a full price one time order. Discounts such as sitewide sales, the smartship discount, or the use of coupons will affect the commission and volume that you earn per sale.

The products in this list are ordered from most commission per sale to least commission per sale. I make every effort to keep this page current and up to date so please let me know if you have suggestions.

Product // Volume (BV) // Retail Price // Commission

MVP System // 400 BV // $937 retail // $80 commission

Keto Reboot Excel // 225 BV // $349 retail

Starter System // 100 BV // $234 retail // $20 commission

Keto Up // 100 BV // $187 retail // $20 commission

Unleashed Ketones // 100 BV // $157 retail // $20 commission

Keto NAT // 80 BV // $130 retail // $16 commission

10 Day Ketone Challenge // 80 BV // $130 retail // $16 commission

60 Hour Keto Reboot // 60 BV // $79 retail // $12 commission

Better Broth // 60 BV // $89 retail // $12 commission

Keto Kalm Tea // 35 BV // $49 retail

Keto Kreme // 32 BV // $64 retail // $6.40 commission

Mitoplex // 30 BV // $49 retail // $6 commission

MCT 143 // 22 BV // $38 retail // $4.40 commission

**Please note that BV and commission change as the retail price is discounted for smartship orders, flash sales, and when coupons are used!

**Also note that all products are not available at all times! Let me know if this is helpful to you!



I want to earn part time income ($6,000 a year) and focus on product sales only: Set a goal for how much you want to earn. Susie wants to earn $500 a month to pay debt. She does not have a team and she wants to earn $500 from product sales only. She is not asking her customers if they have ever thought about ‘doing what she does’ or joining sneak peek groups.

  • Susie earns $20 from every box of unleashed and protones that she sells
  • Susie earns $16 commission from every box of KetoNAT she sells
  • She earns $12 from each keto reboot kit
  • She earns $10 from each keto kreme box
  • She earns $7 from each order of MCT OIL

Susie needs to sell 25 boxes of Unleashed or Tubs of ProTones to earn $500

She needs to sell 31 boxes of KetoNAT to earn $500

She needs to sell 42 keto reboot kits to earn $500

She needs to sell 50 boxes of keto kreme to earn $500

She needs to sell 72 boxes of mct 143 to earn $500


She starts recommending multiple products every time so she can reach her goal faster. Flavor combos, charged and caffeine free, ketones plus kreme, or ketones plus mct 143 help Susie reach her goal faster! She enrolls EVERYBODY in our smartship program and helps them earn free products too.

Do you need to know everything? NO

Use the tools, don’t be a tool.

Don’t be afraid to say ‘I don’t know but I can try to find out’