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Costco Keto Grocery Haul and Meal Plan

by Heather Hooker

Hi Guys, Heather Hooker here from thefitmomtribe.com. You can also get to my website by going to HeatherHookerKeto.com which is the same name as my Instagram and my youtube channel 🙂 

I’m coming at you live with a little keto grocery haul from Costco. So I’ve found some cool new things today. I’m excited to share with you. Let’s just start here.

  • Moon cheese, this is a staple for me and my family. I think these are the best. I like these better than whisps and I sort of eat these in place of Cheetos or cheese it crackers or any of those other sort of cheesy, salty snacks. So this will be one of my snacks this week. You can see that the ingredients in this is pretty much just cheese and the nutrition facts on here. One serving size has 70 calories, one gram of carbs, five grams of fat, five grams of protein. So these are a perfect Keto low carb snack. The only thing is I will caution you if you eat too many of these, you might have some bowel issues. So let’s keep moving.
  • Pumpkin seeds. These are another good salty snack. If you’re used to grabbing a handful of chips, a handful of cheez-its I’m going to encourage you to start looking more towards like salted nuts to satisfy that salt craving. These pumpkin seeds are really great for the Keto Diet. One serving has 160 calories, 13 grams of fat, it’s five grams total carbs, two grams of dietary fiber. So three net carbs per serving for these pumpkin seeds and then seven grams of protein. So these are another really great low carb keto option.
  • And I’m going to lose some of you guys with the Kale Chips, but if you have ever done like a clean eating sort of lifestyle like the clean keto that I follow, I do try to make sure that I am eating some sort of veggies every day. I prefer fresh veggies but it doesn’t always work with my busy schedule. These are really great to have on hand. They taste just like homemade kale chips. So if you’ve ever made homemade kale chips in your oven, these are basically exactly the same thing. They are salty, sort of like a chip alternative. You can’t really use them to dip or to scoop because they’re not that sturdy, but they are tasty and it’s a good way to get in some green veggies. There are individual packs in the larger package. Alright, so one serving of these kale chips, it’s a whole little pack. You can see how this is. So these would be great for you to throw into your bag. These are really great to throw in your bag as a veggie snack on the go, especially if you haven’t been to the grocery store in a while. So one of these packs has 50 calories, four grams of fat, two grams of total carbs with one gram of dietary fiber. So this whole pack is one net carb and two grams of protein. And like I said before, they’re tasty. If you like Kale chips, you will like these – if you are anti-Kale, don’t waste your money on those.
  • Salami + Cheese Packs – So these are something new that I found today and I love, I love anything that is like easy for me to grab, easy on the go. Half the time I’m running out the door somewhere and I just need something you know to throw in my bag. So these are just little salamis with little pieces of cheese, total calories, 100 calories. Wait. So this is 100 calories for the cheese. And 100 calories for the Salami, but total net carbs for the entire package. You can see here, this was like Provolone cheese and Salami Net carbs is less than one. This would be eight grams of protein for the cheese, seven grams of protein for the no wait backwards, seven grams of protein for the provolone, eight grams of protein for the Salami. A 200 calorie snack. So that’s a really good option for people that kind of go in my fridge and that will also be something that my kids really like to eat.
  • Mezetta Garlic Stuffed Olives – Okay, so these, if you’ve ever had these before, let me know. These are the best olives on the entire planet. Okay? They’re so good. They are the Mezetta garlic stuffed olives, marinated with herbs and Chardonnay and they are delicious. So the serving size on these one olive is 10 calories, one gram of fat, one carb and zero protein, zero grams of protein. So these do have one gram of carb per olive, but you can see how big these olives are. This is a really good snack, great on top of salads, or as a side with your sandwich at lunch.  Sometimes I’ll just grab like four of these with, with maybe the salami and provolone pack and this will be like my little ‘snack lunch’.
  • Paesana Tomato and Basil Pasta Sauce – All right, so then you got this pasta sauce tomato and basil Sauce, pasta sauce. So I have been a big fan of Rao’s before for a long time. I’ve been a big fan of Rao’s Marinara sauce. It is so good. But when I was looking at these labels, one serving of Rao’s tomato sauce has Four net carbs. Okay. And Rao’s is a little bit more expensive at Costco. It was two jars about this same size for a little over $10. that paste sauna, one serving size is only five net carbs. So it’s only one more net carb. And this was a little bit cheaper. So it was two jars for about $7. So I’m going to test this out. I know that I have tried this before. I don’t remember if I love it more than Rao’s, but for the price and for the carb count, this is the one that I grabbed today.
  • kerry gold butter, of course, this is the gold standard. It looks like a golden brick. I love the packaging. This is just the best butter. It tastes the best. It’s so creamy.
  • Paesana Garlic Cauliflower Florets – So I also grabbed these because I love garlic, I love cauliflower. If you’re Keto and low carb and you don’t eat cauliflower, like how do you even live? Right? So these are brand new. I’ve never tried these before, but this is the same brand as the pasta sauce and it’s a garlic herb, marinated cauliflower florets, one serving size has five calories, zero grams of fat, one gram of carbs and zero protein. So I think that this is just going to be another good way to add more veggies into my day. And I would probably just eat this as a with my lunch or as a little snack in the afternoons. We’ll see how those go.
  • Olive Garden Salad Dressing –  who loves olive garden dressing? It really is the best and you’re in luck because it is low carb, so it’s super low carb friendly one serving of this has 80 calories, eight grams of fat, which is great. Two grams of carbs, zero grams of protein, so you can definitely make this dressing fit into your lifestyle. I grew up in the south, I grew up eating ranch dressing. I am a big fan of ranch dressing, but honestly, since I switched to the Keto lifestyle two years ago, I get sick of it sometimes. So this is a really good alternative. If you just don’t want to do ranch, you don’t want to do blue cheese, you want something a little bit different.
  • Chicken Drumsticks – This is a lot of chicken drumsticks and I have, you can see my super easy chicken drumstick recipe, I make these in the air fryer. I think that you should institute ‘Wings Wednesday’ in your house every single week because it is a really affordable food. It’s delicious. It’s easy to cook in the Air Fryer, and it’s something that my entire family agrees on. So I will make these wings in the air fryer. Like I said, that recipe on how I cook my wings in the air fryer to make them perfectly crispy is on my Instagram. It’s at instagram.com/HeatherHookerKeto , but this is something that my kindergartener loves, my fifth grader loves, my husband loves. I’ll cook these and then I’ll toss them in whatever sauce we feel like. Sometimes I’ll even toss like the kids in a barbecue sauce and then I’ll toss ours and something a little bit spicier. So I love that you can customize those for every person in your household. So chicken wings will be Wednesday nights dinner.
  • Smoked Pulled Pork – I also got this smoked pulled pork and I’m not exactly sure what my side item is going to be with this pork yet because if you think about, Actually I think I do know what I’m going to make. I think what I’ll do with this, when I think of pulled pork, I think of really southern like fried, like baked beans, Fred Okra, potato salad. But I made a really delicious potato salad, well I guess it’s called a ‘faux’ tato salad out of cauliflower. So I will probably serve this with a fautato salad and then I’ll make some regular potato salad for my kids. Serve them baked beans as well. This is already prepared. So it’s perfect for busy week nights, now that the kids are back in school and it has 230 calories per serving, 16 grams of fat, which is great. Zero grams of carbs and 22 grams of protein. So this is perfect if you’re busy and you just want some easy low carb things that you can make quickly. Same for the next item…
  • Beef Pot Roast –  So this is beef pot roast, which I will 100% serve with mashed cauliflower and then I’ll serve my kids regular mashed potatoes because they’re not keto. But this is also already cooked. It’s heats up really fast. One serving has 230 calories, 12 grams of fat, four grams of carbs and 26 grams of protein.

So that the highest carb count things that I bought other than the olives would be these two. So this is, like I said, five grams of carbs per serving. This is four grams of carbs per serving. And that’s sort of just a general rule that I follow when I’m trying to say low carb or keto is I want to make sure that nothing that I’m eating during the day is over five carbs. I think that’s a really good rule of thumb. If you’re just trying to get started with this lifestyle or you’re just trying to lower your carb count, anything over that, especially if it has a lot of sugar alcohols is really going to hold you back from getting into that deep ketosis, fat adapted. It’s going to hold you back from weight loss and all those other things. So five grams of carbs max is pretty much my limit.

And the other thing that I did grab, can you guys see this? It might be too far is this

  • 24 pack of Perrier Sparkling Flavored Water and it’s in three different flavors; peach, lemon and lime. And I used to be really addicted to diet coke. I try not to drink that because it’s just not good for you. So, sparkling water sometimes will do the trick. It will satisfy that craving for me. The lime especially is – actually the Lime AND the peach are both really, really good. The lemon is my least favorite, but when I saw those at Costco earlier, I knew I had to grab them.

So if this was helpful to you, if you like these grocery hauls and you want me to keep doing them, let me know below and I will be glad to let you know what I’m picking up every week and how I plan to structure my meals for that week. And, that’s pretty much it. If there’s anything that I’ve missed or anything that you love at your local Costco, like, let me know so that I can look for it the next time I go! 

And if are ready to get started with keto or get past a weight loss plateau I highly recommend my Mom Fuel!! It has made the biggest difference for me personally in being able to stick to the low carb lifestyle and it’s the same thing that helped my husband lose 46 pounds last year without having to follow strict keto or working out – you’ll love it!!


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