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DIY Hand Sanitizer Recipe

by Heather Hooker
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Consider yourself lucky if you are able to find hand sanitizer in a store near you! The corona virus has caused panic and hoarding of certain items- hand sanitizer included. Luckily, you probably have everything you need at home for this DIY Hand Sanitizer recipe.

Hand sanitizer is not something that I usually buy at the store because normally I am a big fan of using plain soap and water. Store bought hand sanitizer can be extra drying to your skin and sometimes it has a strong alcohol smell. However, recently I’ve started using soap and sanitizer because of the coronavirus. I think this is the time to take any extra precautions that you can to keep yourself safe and healthy.

A local pharmacy tech told me to use the combination of aloe vera gel and rubbing alcohol. Adding the essential oils may add immune boosting and germ fighting properties and also undoubtedly makes the hand sanitizer smell better!

DIY Hand Sanitizer Recipe

You’ll need:

An empty spray bottle

Rubbing Alcohol

Your favorite essential oils (I used these)

Aloe Vera Gel


Fill your spray bottle 1/4 of the way with rubbing alcohol. Add about 10 drops off essential oils per 2 ounce bottle. Fill your spray bottle the rest of the way with your aloe vera gel.

Please tag me on Instagram (@thefitmomtribe) if you decide to use this DIY Hand Sanitizer Recipe – I’d love to see which oil you use! Remember to take extra precautions during this time to keep yourself and your family safe!

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