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Faster Fat Loss – 4 Ways to Fast

by Heather Hooker

Faster Fat Loss – 4 Ways to Fast on the Keto Diet

In this video I talk about four different ways to FAST!! Fasting and the Keto Diet go hand in hand because as you eat more fat you are full for longer! Fasting is a way to elevate your ketone levels due to a lack of carbs and a reliance on fat as fuel.

The major benefits are FAT loss – not weight loss, but specifically FAT and it is also muscle preserving.

Fast #1 – A 10-12 Hour fast

Eat a normal breakfast, coffee for lunch, and a normal dinner
Fast #2 – Time Restricted Fast

One example is to only eat from 1pm-8pm. You would have a starting time to eat each day and an ending time to eat each day.
Fast #3 – Every Other Day Fast

This method you drastically reduce your calories every other day. For example if your normal daily caloric goal is 2000 calories per day then every other day your goal would be 25-50% of that, or 500-1000 calories.

Fast #4 – FAT Fast

During a Fat Fast you would drink a FAT coffee for breakfast and lunch and then eat a regular dinner. You can make fat coffee with heavy cream, butter, MCT’s, or Keto Kreme. If you don’t like coffee you can use the MCT and the Keto Kreme in hot tea.

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I hope this video helps you!