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Full Day of Eating Keto HFLC Style

by Heather Hooker

If it’s complicated I won’t do it so I am a creature of habit! #simplesally

When I wake up I drink my ketones FIRST then a cup of black coffee if I want the warmth. The ketones wake me up better than the coffee does.

keto egg spinach scramble with raspberries.JPG

Around 11:30 I’ll have 2 eggs with a handful of spinach cooked in ghee and topped with this Creole seasoning on top. Side of any berries – today was raspberries.

Around 3 I’ll have a bulletproof coffee, mermaid tears fat burning iced coffee, another ketone, or a couple of fat bombs depending on mood, cravings & energy level 🤗  My favorite fat bombs are either the Chocolate Almond Butter or Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough!

For dinner I always have protein and veggies. Above ground, green veggies are the goal but cauliflower sneaks in quite a bit too! Top with butter, cheese, olive oil to satiety – I don’t stuff myself and I don’t force myself to get in all the fat grams as long as my protein and carbs are on target.

If I get hungry or want to munch on something at night I either drink hot tea or make myself a ‘icee’ with crushed ice, mio drops and a sprinkle of swerve sweetener which tastes exactly like sugar! All zero calorie/zero carb 😉

YOU CAN DO THIS!! Find a few things you like & keep it simple!


Is this helpful to see a full day of eating keto hflc style? I have a whole playlist on my youtube channel that you might like called WHAT I EAT IN A DAY – Keto / LCHF Meal Planning