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Healthy Shrimp StirFry with Cauliflower Rice

by Heather Hooker

🍤🐓Shrimp or Chicken?! Let’s call this an UNRECIPE shall we?! Because really, you don’t need to measure anything and you dump everything into one big pan – a wok if you have it – otherwise use your biggest frying pan.

It’s basically a crockpot meal but faster.

And it had both me and my husband making animal noises because it was so good!! Better than takeout, and cheaper too.

Long story short, it’s a MF WINNER 🏆

You’ll need:

1 bag of frozen shrimp

@birdseyevegetables oriental stir-fry frozen vegetable mix (skip the sauce)

2 pouches of @earthlychoice 90 second cauliflower rice (found at Costco! Pantry staple 🌟)

soy sauce

Sesame oil

Onion powder

Salt + pepper

@ghughessugarfree teriyaki sauce


Cook the veggies in the oil and seasonings/marinades until cooked all the way through and browned. Add in river cauliflower and toss well.

Remove cooked veggie blend and place in large container in oven on low to keep warm while you cook the shrimp in the same pan.

Use same seasonings & oils to cook the shrimp. Drain any excess water from being frozen and then stir cooked shrimp into your fried cauliflower rice and serve.

We used half of a 52 oz bag of the frozen vegetables and it made four servings for us. Yay leftovers 🥳
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