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Help! I’m Not Getting the Results I want with Keto//OS

by Heather Hooker


Help! I’m not getting the results I want! 😫  I made this video to help troubleshoot WHY some people are not seeing and feeling the changes that they want. These are tips and tricks that I have learned myself over the last 30 days. Transitioning to a ketogenic lifestyle and diet is tricky at first but once you make the switch you will not want to go back!

Exogenous Ketones allow you to experience the benefits of ketosis no matter what diet you follow. When you restrict your carbs and fast with intermittent fasting you can force your body into nutritional ketosis – where your body begins to burn fat for fuel instead of glucose and your body starts to produce something called ketones. When you are in ketosis you may feel a variety of benefits including:  . But nutritional ketosis is hard to get into for most people and its hard to STAY in as well. One bad meal can throw your body out of ketosis for weeks. What keto//os allows you to do is go into nutritional ketosis within one hour of drinking them. Crazy!!

Tips to Help You Get Max Benefits from Your Exogenous Ketones

  • Drink 1 gallon of water per day
  • Take electrolytes. (The mio drops are actually called mio electrolytes – just bought some at publix)
  • Time your carbs either before or 4 hours after you drink your ketones. Eating carbs/sugar/glucose right after you take ketones will kick your body right back OUT of ketosis and you want to stay in at as long as possible!
  • Give it a full month! The 5 and 10 day experience packs are mostly just for you to try the different flavors. You WILL NOT have a huge transformation from a 5 day and some people will need longer than 10 days to see the full benefits of adding exogenous ketones into your day.
  • Don’t compare your results to other people’s – pay attention to the positive changes that you are experiencing & know that something is happening! I did not personally see the full effects of adding in the ketones for a couple of weeks, but I paid attention to the small changes that I was seeing and I knew that SOMETHING was happening.
  • Have realistic expectations – ketones are not a quick fix and they won’t work overnight! None of the dramatic before and afters that I have shared have happened in 5 days.
  • Avoid the scale! Please watch the water balloon video in our Facebook group if you have not. If you obsess over the number on the scale you will miss out on the WHOOSH
  • Set & track your macros daily using one of the keto diet apps – it does not matter which one you use.
  • One thing I forgot to mention is that you have to eat enough FAT. Add more fat to your diet! 🙌🏼


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