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High Fat Low Carb for Weight Loss

by Heather Hooker

Girl with scales measuring tapes. Weight loss.

One question I get asked A LOT is how to eat HFLC for WEIGHT LOSS and good grief I wish there was a one-size-fits-all answer but to be honest, it is going to take some focused effort, patience, and tracking a few important measurements in order to find the sweet spot for you – as we are all unique! Grab a pencil and a piece of paper and let’s work though the perfect macros for YOU

This calculation is a great starting point:

Your Goal Weight in Pounds x Your Current Activity Level = Your Daily Calorie Goal

For example: My goal is 120 and I am Active so my Daily Calorie Goal is 120*12=1440

Sedentary = 10, Slightly Active = 11, Active = 12, Very Active = 13, Extremely Active = 14

Remember calories are KING!! If you overeat on any diet or fitness plan then you just won’t lose weight. It doesn’t matter how many or which supplements you are eating, drinking or taking either – overeating leads to weight gain, period.

Now let’s break down those macros for HFLC – because we know that HFLC gives us more energy and being in ketosis forces our body to burn fat for fuel!

You Daily Calorie Goal * .3 = Daily Calories from Protein 

1440*.3 = 432 calories per day need to come from protein

Your Daily Calorie Goal * .2 = Daily Calories from Carbohydrates

1440* .2 = 288 calories per day (or less) from carbohydrates

Your Daily Calorie Goal – (Protein Goal and Carb Goal) = Daily Calories from Fat 

1440 – (432+288) = 720 calories per day (or less) from fat

You can convert these to grams if that is easier for you to track.

432/4 = 108 grams of protein

288/4 = 72 grams of carbohydrates

720/9 = 80 grams of fat

Before you start any weight loss program or diet you should take measurements and pictures, front back and side wearing a bathing suit, your underwear, or tight fitting clothing.

When you are dieting to lose weight you’ll be running on a 500-600 calorie deficit every day so there’s little margin for error. If you eat 400 hidden calories per day and then really only have a 100 calorie deficit then you will see little change.

How to Track Your Progress

Once a week from your start date take new measurements, weight, and pictures! Consider all of these when evaluating your week:

Your Weight (did it go down, up or stay the same)

Your Clothes (do they feel looser, tighter, or the same)

The Mirror (do you look thinner, fatter, or the same)

Your Energy Levels (do you feel energized, tired, or somewhere in between)

Your Strength (is it going up, down, or staying the same)

Your Sleep (are you exhausted, do you have trouble winding down, or has nothing changed)


If your weight has not changed but your measurements went down then congratulations you are burning fat and building muscle! Congrats! This is a great sign. Try to not focus on the scale because if you keep doing exactly what you are doing then you WILL see the number go down.

If your weight has not changed and your measurements have not changed consider adding in regular workouts or if you already workout consider adding in weighted workouts to build lean muscle.

If your weight has gone up then you are overeating. Did you track every single bite that went into your mouth over the last week? How many days did you come in at or under your daily calorie goal? Was it 7? If you tracked every single bite with no changes anywhere then it is time to lower your daily calorie goal. Scroll back up and go through the calculation but drop down an activity level.

Energy Levels

You should never feel starved or running on empty on the HFLC diet – that is why I love it! The fats are so satiating and energizing that if you do feel like that then something may be a bit off. Take a look at the quality of your food as well as your daily supplements. Are you taking a good multivitamin? Magnesium tablet? Electrolytes? Are you drinking minimum 8 glasses of water? How much caffeine are you having? All of these things can affect your energy levels throughout the day making it easier for you to give in to temptation or skip that workout.