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How to Drink Keto//OS and Keto Max

by Heather Hooker

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Thank you for trying Keto//OS and/or Keto Max!! I recommend that you start with 1/2 pack on day 1 and day 2 and then take a full serving on day 3, and every day after.

Do not chug your ketones as they may upset your stomach if you drink them too quickly. You should sip your ketones over 20-30 minutes.

Most ketones can be mixed with cold water according to package directions. Add more water to dilute them if they are too sweet for you!

The only flavor of ketones that I do not like mixed with plain water is chocolate swirl and swiss cacao. However, I drink Chocolate Swirl every day mixed with cold brew coffee, keto kreme and ice! It is my absolute favorite thing to drink for breakfast. We call it Mermaid Tears!


Keto Kreme – Keto Kreme turns any cup of coffee into a ‘bulletproof’ or ‘fat fueled’ coffee and it is SO delicious!! I brew a hot cup of coffee and then shake it up with keto kreme in a shaker cup but you can use a blender cup, immersion blender or whatever works for you.

Keto Kalm tea – To make Keto Kalm tea brew a cup of hot water and stir in Keto Kalm powder. I like to add a tiny bit of heavy cream to the chocolate flavor to make it creamier. Keto Kalm is going to put you into fat burning ketosis while you sleep and is great if you have night time cravings or poor sleep quality! It is ketones mixed with rooibos tea.

MCT 143 Oil – MCT Oil can be added to anything! Drizzle it over salads, pour it in soup, stir it into coffee, suck it down straight from the pouch! It’s great for on the go hunger pains and to help you add good fats to your daily macros.

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