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How to Drink More Water

by Heather Hooker

First figure out how much water you actually need. The calculation is your body weight divided by 2, in ounces. (Example would be if you weigh 160 pounds you should be drinking 80 ounces of water). If you are working out hardcore, I would probably increase that by 16 ounces. When you think of it, it seems impossible. But honestly I’ve been doing it for almost a full month and it’s doable. I’m actually learning to love water (coming from a person who was addicted to Cherry Coke Zero and maybe had a glass of water a day). Now buy a water bottle that’s easy to figure out how much you are drinking. One that holds 25 ounces would be my recommendation. That person who needs 80 ounces would have just over 3 of those water bottles. (There is new water bottles coming out on the market that does it for you and even links it up to your smartphone! I can’t wait to have one!) And DRINK UP and follow some of these tips to help you