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How to Earn Free Ketones!

by Heather Hooker


Did you know that you can earn your ketones for FREE?! Yes, you really can!

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Enroll in our customer rewards program, called Smartship. To do this just click over to my website, pick out your product and at checkout make sure that you select ‘Today & Smartship’. You will be charged full price for your initial order and then 30 days from now they will ship your next order at a discounted rate! As of right now it is 22% savings of the retail price!
  2. Once you are enrolled as a customer you will have access to a unique referral code by logging in at cloud.justpruvit.com. Share with your friends or anyone who wants to join you to better mood, better energy, fat loss, etc and when two customers enroll in smartship using your link, you next month’s product is free, minus tax and shipping. So cool!!

This video shows you how to customize your unique customer referral code to your name so that you can share it with family & friends!

You can view or download the Free Product Program brochure here: https://media.pruvithq.com/resources/pruvit-free-product-program.pdf