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10 Ways to Grow your Keto Community

by Heather Hooker

I believe – after almost 6 years in this business that creating a facebook group is THE best way to grow your network and your business!

You can have belief in these products, perfect posts and a 24/7 hustle but unless you are consistently getting your posts in front of new eyeballs it won’t matter.

Let me say that again.

Unless you are consistently growing your network and getting your posts in front of new eyeballs your business won’t grow. PERIOD

It’s important for you to set a goal like 10 new group members per day and to keep pushing yourself to increase that number! To give you a frame of reference I like to add 200 – 300 new people to my Facebook group per week. Anyone can do this.

I honestly think that 100-300 is the minimum amount of people you need to add to your network weekly if you want this to be your full time job but you can work up to that number as you figure out which strategies work best for you.

So… let’s break down some ways to grow our little facebook groups, shall we? I’m going to divide these strategies into two categories: time intensive and cash intensive. Pick whichever works for you – time or money – because you have to invest in your own business.

That whole to get something you’ve never had you have to do something you’ve never done thing…

A few reminders before we start this process ok?

• You will need a thick skin. Channel your inner rhino and if you get comments or kicked out of any groups – it’s fine! Join other ones!

• Remember that we aren’t looking to fill up our groups with people who are anti mlm or anti ketones! Remember your goal!! Let people who are not interested weed themselves out and keep it moving. There are people out there who are just like you, who need what you needed. Remember that 💯

• You can use these strategies for keto groups, mom groups, Costco groups, local groups, sorority groups, hobby groups, work life groups, married, divorced, single, homeschool, baseball mom, etc literally anywhere where your target market is! Think outside of the box!


1. It is time to come out of the closet ya’ll. We are going to invite ALL of our facebook friends to like our group! Now to frame this – its not really about which one of your friends join your group and which don’t – you cant take this personally! But you do need a certain amount of members to unlock certain features and to make your page look a little more ‘lived in’ so here’s how we are going to do it.

Click INVITE. If a list of names pops up go down the list and click INVITE INVITE INVITE #easy

If no list shows up invite by alphabet. Type A into the search box at the top and invite all the A’s, then the B’s & so on.

IT IS IMPORTANT that you don’t pre judge people and cherry pick who may or may not be interested – JUDGING PEOPLE IS NOT COOL!! You are simply sharing what has worked for you – give them the option to like it or not. ❤

2. Post your transformation photos, a snippet of your story and tag your group in the larger groups (examples of groups to join given above!)

3. Create a new post in a big group and tag your group. You can also post a picture of a recipe and say something about it (without posting the recipe!) people will comment for the recipe and you can tag your group in your reply- I found the recipe at TAG YOUR GROUP

4. Find a large keto group & use the search function to find people who have posted using the words start, stuck, beginner, stall, plateau, ketones, help, recipes, tips, etc and reply to those people to let them know that you can help them and tag your group.

You can tag your own group by typing @ the spelling your group and selecting it from the dropdown that pops up.

5. FACEBOOK LIVE!! You can go live every day with a tip, recipe, grocery haul, product info or sale alert! Your live must be PUBLIC for this strategy to work. On your Facebook live type ‘Comment below FREE GROUP to for more tips, tricks & recipes!’ This builds engagement! You can share your LIVE into fb groups over and over.

6. Remind people that you have a free group to join! You can do this on your personal page or on a business page if you have one.

7. Tag your group in your posts so that people have to join to get the recipes.


(I have always reinvested 20% of my income back into my business. It’s a good strategy 😉

8. Giveaway! Host a giveaway weekly where people earn entries by inviting their friends to join. Use your pruvit bucks for this if you have them!!

Show people how to invite with a graphic

9. ADVANCED STRATEGY – Facebook Ad. Create a business page. Create a live video like the one above but change your text to say ‘Click here to join my free keto/low carb group! @tag your group’ Boost it to people who like my page and their friends.

Please google how to run a Facebook ad if this is a strategy you want to use but aren’t sure how to do it correctly! It is one of the more complicated strategies to use but you can grow a massive business using the easier ones above.

Just to show you an example of how this strategy can grow your network!

10. ADVANCED STRATEGY Google ad. Did you know you can place your own ads on google? You’ll have to google how to set this up, but if you can get it right you can grow and make sales on autopilot.

You can see this promoter pays to have their website show up first when someone searches for pruvit

Above all, be consistent! Set a goal for how many new people you are going to add per day/week and work until you get it.

Track how many members are in your group each day and then celebrate your community’s growth from week to week.

Above all…