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How to Presell Your Ketones before you Launch your Pruvit Business

by Heather Hooker

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Heyyyy girl!!!! I am SO excited that you want to join our team as a PRUVIT Promoter!! You are in for a crazy incredible ride – so buckle up buttercup!! In my third week with this business I have earned my highest paycheck ever to date, from any corporate job and higher than any paycheck I ever earned as a top ranked Beachbody coach – including my two star bonus that took me two and a half years to earn. And the crazy thing is that I am actually working LESS.

WUT. Crazy, I know. This is what it feels like to be in a Blue Ocean and its friggin awesome. Blue Ocean is a term for an uncontested market space ripe for growth and that is what we have here friends. Ya IN or ya out?!

The best way to enroll as a Pruvit Promoter is to sign up with an experience pack which includes 200 samples (a variety of keto os and keto max) and it comes with the extra perk of paying you residual commissions at Rank 5 for a whole year!!

I sold out of TWO sample packs in 4 days. This is a brand new, HOT product – you do not have to worry about not selling them. Who doesn’t want more energy, focus, better mood, fat loss, etc etc all the amazing benefits of this little unicorn drink!

How to Presell Your Ketones

  • Set up and promote your free Keto Community! Create a closed facebook group and add your friends to it! Post about your new adventure and invite people to join you in your FREE group. Include the link to your group in your facebook posts so that people can click through and join.
  • Start posting about YOUR 5 or 10 day experience! Just share pics and how you are feeling, and any before/after results you have. List out the benefits of ketones (nobody knows what they are!) Ask people to comment an emoji below for more info. You can share your posts on all of your social media accounts (facebook, business page, in your group, instagram, snapchat, etc), as well as in certain facebook groups you are a member of. If you haven’t built up a following yet you can even post about your 5 or 10 day packs in facebook’s buy/sell/trade groups. You can reply to anyone who is interested with our generic mailchimp link and a link to your paypal/jotform.
  • Host a mixer! Invite your friends over to try ketones for themselves 🙂

How to Set Up a Jotform to Sell Your Pruvit Experience Packs:

  • OR You can create your own sharable order links with paypal.me by including the dollar amount for the 5 day experience and the 10 day experience at the end of the link. Example:

Reserve your 5 Day Experience here: https://www.paypal.me/HBogerHooker/39

Reserve your 10 Day Experience here: https://www.paypal.me/HBogerHooker/64

Save these links to your phone in the notes section or google keep app so that you can easily copy and paste replies. There really is no need to have a long drawn out convo with anyone because the generic mailchimp answers all of the questions! If you do not have access to this just message me and I will send it to you!

  • I reply to everyone who is interested with a version of this message – Hey Girl!! I’m so glad you are interested, you are going to love this so much!! Here is the link with all of the info and you can order your 5 or 10 day: (insert mailchimp link)

If you havent joined my free keto community please do! (my facebook group url) -Heather — thats it! It IS that simple – don’t make it hard!

  • Another link that is helpful to save for someone who doesn’t know anything about ketones or ketosis is this little cartoon – https://experienceketo.com/ – it is linked in the mailchimp but sometimes I send this to people as well. It explains how ketones work better than I can (or you can)
  • If you decide that becoming a Pruvit promoter is not for you, just forward your orders and $ collected to me, I will ship out the orders you collected and at least you will know that it was not a good fit for you, because YOU TRIED!!

Can’t wait?!

I couldn’t either – go ahead and launch your business here: https://heatherhooker.pruvitnow.com/promoter/