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How to Sell More Keto Reboots

by Heather Hooker

Talking to a friend this morning about reboot sales so I wanted to send out this reminder of how to grow your sales in general and how to sell more reboots!

  1. Grow your network! You must be adding new people every single day to your keto group. In Network Marketing, growing your network is NUMBER ONE. If you don’t know how to grow your keto group for FREE go watch the power hour which tells you exactly how to do it.
  2. Do not underestimate the power of sending a private message. Unless you have personally messaged ALL of your friends and followers then you’ve got work to do!! Keep it simple!

“Hey friend, want to reboot with me this month?”

Remember the leaders in this industry are the ones who get the most NO’s! Those people are watching and they’ll be your customers next month.

  1. THE FORTUNE IS IN THE FOLLOW UP!! Don’t let convos go dead, reach back out. Follow up with anyone who has ever shown interest at all, previous customers & even past rebooters who might want to do it again.
  2. When posting on social – before & after pics. Don’t word vomit. Again, keep it simple? Who wants to reboot with me this month? Comment reboot and I’ll send you more info. Do this DAILY while the reboot is available.
  3. Send a mass email for the people who aren’t on social 24/7. You can collect email addresses as one of the questions to your group.