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How to Use a Flash Sale to Maximize Savings on Keto//OS Ketones!

by Heather Hooker

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SAVE $$ with a Pruvit Flash Sale + FREE PRODUCT TIP!!

As a customer you have PERKS!!!

Such as the opportunity to earn credit towards your product and even get it free!!! Heres how!!

Because we have a FLASH SALE today and tomorrow this is the PERFECT time to share your LOVE of ketones and earn credit towards your future orders when someone orders off your link!!!!

Cool right???

All you do is log into your cloud, scroll down to find your referral links, use the Pruvit.now link and share your ketone experience with your friends!! you can use the image below comments if you would like as a post!! Be sure to talk about your own experience and benefits you’ve seen when you share your link!!!

Dont have a cloud?? That means you aren’t a customer yet!!! You can place an order here: https://heatherhooker.shopketo.com/ and get your hands on your own package, select Today and Smartship & start using your link within minutes!! You will also be able to save 18% off the retail price as long as you sign up before the sale ends!

Here is what you need to earn credit (pruvit bucks):

1. You must be a Smartship customer

2. You need 2 or more Smartship Customers, the AVERAGE of their orders gets added to your account as credit, when your next order ships it will AUTOMATICALLY draw from your pruvit bucks and you will pay the balance. or If the pruvit bucks covers your entire order, you just pay the tax and shipping.

SO STOCK up ladies and start sharing these incredible ketones!!!! 👊

An image you can use for your post is in comments! or i suggest you post your results if you are brave enough!!! It will inspire someone and could change their life!!!

After someone orders add them to our facebook community for support!!