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Intermittent Fasting using the Pruvit System

by Heather Hooker

holisti.fit.wellness Here is a very simple breakdown of how to use this system with intermittent fasting and what products can be consumed fasted! ⁣

This can be customized to your goals, you can stretch your fasted window out so your fasted time is greater and you can even follow this while OMAD. ⁣

These products help boost the benefits of intermittent fasting, aiding in the DNA repair and helping you stick to the protocol long term! ⁣

I have trial packs available in my bio to try this out for yourself @holisti.fit.wellness or holistifit.com⁣

In the feeding window I suggest sticking to 25 net carbs or less and eating high fat / low carb foods if the goal is fat loss and healing insulin resistance. ⁣

If you’re already on this system do you utilize these products to help you while intermittent fasting or just day to day to stay on track? You can do it both ways 🙌🏻

*also note, you can consume any of these products after your fast is broken in the feeding window
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