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by Heather Hooker

Why wouldn't you want to join us?

Imagine using free apps (that you already have on your phone) to connect with friends all over the world, stay motivated on your health and wellness journey, inspire and help others make positive lifestyle changes AND make some extra money too? 

It’s really, really fun too. 

Any one of those things would be worth the $37 enrollment fee to me! 

My goal is to show you how simple it can be to create an impact through sharing your own journey with others. The best part of my industry is that the sky is the limit – you set your own goals and then you determine how fast you reach those goals. When you partner with me I will share every single trick I have used to grow my community from just 230 facebook friends to a business that sells more than $1,000,000 annually across multiple social media channels! 

It’s easier than you think. All you need is a willingness to try something new, the ability to take direction and a game plan to stay consistent and be patient. I’m so excited for you to join this journey with us!

A few of our Circle of Champion leaders… 

Here's what you'll get by joining me

Once you join my team as a Promoter, I will be your personal mentor and provide you with 

the exact methods I applied to build a multiple 6 figure income from home!

✔ Success Secrets from our top team members
✔ Social Media Training to help you grow a genuine social presence
✔ Access to our Private Community of industry leaders
✔ Weekly Team Calls to learn from leaders and plug into our community
✔ A Printable Daily Tracker to guide you every step of the way

Starting this journey can be intimidating but walking through it with us takes that away!

We would love to have you!