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Keto Cheese Crackers in the Microwave / Keto Cheese Shells / Keto Friendly Snack

by Heather Hooker

keto cheese chips

One of the questions I had when I first switched to the low carb lifestyle is:

What is a good keto snack? I really had no idea because before making the switch most of my snacks were high carbs. 

It’s so easy to make these keto cheese chips!! You are going to be obsessed with these!! Pre keto my favorite snacks were all the cheesy carby ones – goldfish crackers, cheese pretzels, cheetos, cheese its, cheddar potato chips – I love them all. Making these little cheese crackers helps me stick to low carb but gives me that same cheesy crunch I enjoy – guilt free! 

All you do is spread a thin layer of shredded cheese in a microwave safe bowl – microwave for 45-60 seconds or until the edges turn brown and then pop out as soon as it stops bubbling. You can make ‘chips’ with it for dipping, use it as a wrap like this or let it cool draped over a long handled spoon for a delicious zero carb taco shell!

You can use any flavor of shredded cheese – or use plain cheddar and top them with your own seasonings. For example, I like to add a little cumin to these if I’m making taco shells. I have tried to make these with cheese that I shredded myself and they didn’t get as crispy or dry – it definitely didn’t work as well. I have used the mexican shredded blend and the italian cheese shredded blends to make cheesy chips before and they were both tasty! 

keto cheese chips.jpg

This is similar to how you could use these large cheese crackers as a taco shell – but here I was using it instead of a wrap with shaved sodium free boars head ham and a little mayo. Sort of like an inside out sandwich! 

I am convinced that once you have tacos with a cheese shell you will not be able to go back – they are SO much better than regular tacos!! Low carb or not, cheese shell tacos just taste better. You have to try it!