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Keto Diet Approved Whole Foods Finds!! (Wine + Chocolate FTW)

by Heather Hooker



  • Primal Kitchen Bars – Chocolate Hazelnut – Will NOT buy again! I had really high hopes that this bar would taste like Nutella, but sadly it does not. It was too chewy and not sweet at all. Macros are great for an ‘on the go bar’ but taste was disappointing.
  • Primal Kitchen Bars – Flavor #2
  • Lily’s Chocolate Chips – Great for baking or topping homemade whipped cream or peanut butter mousse! I also like to eat them by the handful. They are dark chocolate chips so they aren’t super sweet but they do the trick for chocolate cravings. You can also buy these on amazon.
  • FitWine Sauvingon Blanc – I tried this with my sister in law and we LOVED it!! I want to try the other flavors of FitWine as well but this sauvignon was delicious. Macros are great and it’s a little pricy as far as wine goes but I will def buy again.

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