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Ketone Trial Pack Guide

by Heather Hooker

While the goal is to have your customers order directly from your Pruvit websites, offering ketone trial packs is a great way to let more people experience the magic of our products!

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In this guide we’ll go over what to call your ketone trial packs, when to offer ketone trial packs, how to price your packages, how to collect money from your customers and then finally, how to package and ship your trial pack orders.


Wording is very important because if you use the word ‘samples’ people will automatically think that it is free. You can call them 5 Day Ketone Kits, Ketone Flavor Trials, Samplers, Flavor Trial Packs or even 5 Day Ketone Challenge Kits – use whichever verbiage sounds best to you. You can offer any number of packets for your kits, based on your own stock.


  • During a new flavor flash sale. New flavor launches are one of the best ways to grow your volume. Order as many boxes as possible under your controlled customer account and offer New Flavor Trials to people who are interested but aren’t ready to order a whole box of a flavor that they may or may not like! Because new flavor flash sales are normally FULL PRICE you’ll want to charge interested customers about $8 per packet
  • When someone thinks that the Keto Reboot Kit for $79 or the 10 Day Ketone Challenge Kit at $99 is too expensive. A great way to get over that objection is to ask them what their budget is and to let them know that you would love to put together the perfect kit for them to help them try these products.


You don’t want to price your sample packs below our retail price of $130 because remember the goal is to have people order directly from your website and become loyal smartship customers — this is the start of RESIDUAL INCOME!!!

Smartship 22% off pricing should be the best possible deal for all of your customers.

Regular price of a full box of ketones is 130 + tax and shipping = close to $150 divided by 20 packets plus extra shipping to send them to your customers so I wouldn’t price them any less than $8 per packet. You can do 5 for $39 or 3 for $24.

If someone wants 10 or more it really is the best deal for everyone to order the 10 Day Ketone Challenge. Also – a Keto Reboot kit has 9 packets plus signal//os capsules for $79 and can be used as a trial kit.

People love a sale so if you need to drum up some new customers throw a flash sale on your ketone kits – just make sure its temporary to create urgency.


When you are first getting started I think the best way to collect money from your customers for ketone trial packs is using the free app venmo.

You can also accept payments or send money requests using facebook messenger.


I like to use cute bubble mailers from amazon with a plain white label sticker on top. I stick a ketone kit card inside, put my ketones inside and then take them to the post office or ups for shipping. When you check out at USPS or UPS they will give you a receipt with your tracking # on it.

My favorite bubble mailers

Address Label Stickers

Ketone Kit Card Template on Canva (A simple thank you card works just as well)

That’s really all there is to it! I hope that this ketone kit trial pack guide was helpful!