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Key Limeade Keto Max!

by Heather Hooker

Brand new flavor of Pruvit’s premiere product KETO MAX just launched!! The flavor is called KEY LIMEADE and I hear from reputable sources that it is even better than the best selling flavor of Heart Tart!!

What happens when you add the Ketones to your life??
Fat loss
Reduced Appetite (hello GOALS)
Sustained energy
Mental clarity
Muscle preservation
Better MOOD!
Better sleep
Better digestion
Clearer skin

Lets get a 10 day experience pack in your hands and give you the full experience of Therapeutic Ketones before you dive ALL IN!


5 Key Limeade Packets: paypal.me/hbhooker/59
10 Key Limeade Packets: paypal.me/hbhooker/99

In the notes section at checkout let me know if you want all caffeinated, all caffeine free or a mix and also put the address you want me to ship to!


And WARNING – not all ketones are created equal! Our formula is the only one with no artificial colors or flavors and the only one formula that is patented to get you into ketosis in an hour! Don’t waste your time and money on products that will not give you the results that you want  – stick to a name you know you can trust: PRUVIT!!