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Learn More about the Pruvit Promoter Opportunity

by Heather Hooker

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Who is Pruvit?

Pruvit was launched in 2015, and developed the ground-breaking product backed by numerous scientific studies and research known as Keto OS.

Pruvit has a 5 year patent on their blend AND no other direct marketing sales company can ever offer the ketone operating system.  This is an incredible opportunity to take off with a new company and an exciting product that gets results!

This product puts your body into ketosis (fat burning mode) within 1 hour. The state of ketosis is when your body is burning fat for fuel.  This product is great for anyone following any type of low-carb, or healthy diet.  Keto OS is great for fat loss, muscle preservation, sustained energy, increased focus, reduced brain fog, appetite control and better sleep.  Almost anyone can drink this product! 

Compensation Plan
How Ketones Work

Compensation Plan                           How Ketones Work 

In just one week from going public with my new venture I have grown a team, earned a $750 bonus, and grown my business to a new rank. Ranks are just benchmarks based on the total volume that your business is generating – my business and my team are ROLLING! My customers are sending my messages every day with amazing results and I am not tied to my phone 24/7 – I guess you could say that life is good!! I will be able to PAY OFF my daughter’s braces (which she is getting on Tuesday) with next week’s ONE WEEK paycheck – this is insane!! In my first two weeks with this company I will earn my highest paycheck to date, EVER!!

This is not just for me, ya’ll!! I want to share this opportunity forward!! My coaches are out earning ME and you can join our team and do the same. This product sells itself and it is a brand new product that people cannot get anywhere else – we have a 5 year patent and no other MLM/direct sales company will ever be able to sell ketones. #yassssssss

TO JOIN OUR TEAM click HERE > Enroll as a promoter and choose the Experience Pack with 200 samples! I highly recommend the 2nd option – that is what I enrolled with, as well as all of my other promoters. If for some reason you are unable to resell your 200 samples (which will not happen, but ok just roll with me for a minute) – I will buy them back from you! I can barely keep up with the orders coming in so you have nothing to lose.

****Not quite ready to invest the full amount needed to start your business? I wrote this post specifically for you! You can actually “presell” your ketones and collect the money to launch your business!

How to Presell Your Ketones Before You Launch Your Pruvit Business



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