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Miami Cola Bang Energy Drinks

by Heather Hooker

I found a new flavor of Bang at Food Lion last week – Miami Cola! My first thought was – what is a Miami Cola?! But I used to love an ice cold Coca Cola before I realized how much sugar is in them! Diet Coke is too watered down and Coke Zero will usually take care of a craving but my curiosity got the best of me!

Turns out Miami Cola is a very sweet cola. I love that Bangs have zero calories and zero carbs & I like the tall cans. However – as far as energy goes… I don’t feel like they give me any more energy than a regular caffeinated beverage.

I don’t drink them for energy at all – I drink them because sometimes I get bored with water and want to drink something new and fizzy. Old habits die hard.

So far my favorite flavor is Sour Heads but I’ve got a Frose Rose to try the next time I get a soda craving! I’m a little nervous about that one but again, my curiosity got the best of me!