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My Favorite Keto Coffee at Starbucks and Timing

by Heather Hooker

I ALWAYS order the same thing at Starbs:

Pikes + heavy cream + 1 pump sugar free cinnamon dolce + 1 pkt stevia/monkfruit

Well today, I said my usual order and the girl said ‘Pull around we’ll have your keto coffee ready!”

It’s catching on like wildfire y’all 😯🔥………

When you get in front of the ‘next big thing’ all of your efforts are magnified, there’s a wide open market just waiting for what you have to offer and everything just…. grows. Business. Income. Team. Customer list. Subscribers. It is like nothing I’ve ever seen & I honestly feel SAD for every other mlm person on my feed selling lotion, makeup, nail polish, workouts whatever. I see you putting in SO. MUCH. WORK for….. what?!

I get it though – I spent three years trying to make something happen that nobody even wanted! It was a great internship but I had NO CLUE how easy it really is when you are aligned with something like THIS.

It’s called a ‘BLUE OCEAN’ in business speak and OOH BOY ya girl is floating along on her unicorn float like 🤗🤙🏼🤙🏼🤙🏼🎉🙌🏼

You in or nah?!

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