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My journey to ketosis and The Fit Mom Tribe Keto

by Heather Hooker

2017 was a life changing year for me. I had hit a wall with my personal health and fitness and everything was out of wack – I needed a constant stream of coffee to get through my day and then I couldn’t even sleep when I laid down at night. I was eating ‘right’ and working out regularly but I wasn’t seeing the physical changes that I wanted – it was frustrating!

Then I learned about ketones and ketosis.

A little background:

The Keto diet has been around since the 1920’s and is similar to a regular low carb diet except that the whole goal of the keto diet is to force your body into ketosis – the state which for me, decreases my appetite and cravings and gives me more energy – making it much easier to stick to long term. A lot of the same foods, but in different quantities.

I started by adding in Keto//os and Keto/Max drinks and then cutting carbs slowly and my husband followed me after he saw the changes in me. He’s actually lost 44 lbs now on a low carb, high fat diet, has more energy through the day and feels great. My facebook page The Fit Mom Tribe Keto Community is the result of me sharing things that I was learning, my grocery hauls, recipes, and keto-friendly finds to help make this lifestyle transition easier for newbies and I also think its nice to have a place to plug in when you might feel like the only person on your block eating this way.


The first time I ever tried ketones I felt like I had superpowers! Ha! Not everyone experiences this their first time but I knew right away that this was something that I didn’t ever want to be without. My husband and I have both experienced more energy, better mood, increased fat loss, better focus and better sleep (even though our kiddos still climb in our bed more nights than not). Because of these ketones my husband was able to quit his job and we both get to share keto full time!

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