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My Morning Skincare Routine

by Heather Hooker

I love to see what other people use and I love a good skincare haul so I figured I would show you what I’ve been loving lately!

Just to give you a little background – I am NOT one of those people who wake up with great skin – it takes a lot of work to make mine look decent! I’ve never understood people who can just roll out of bed with an even skintone – that’s never been something I could do.

I am 37 so I really have to take my skincare seriously but I wish that I would have started a serious skincare regimen a lot sooner than I did.

My skin is dry with melasma sun damage from my second pregnancy. I get blackheads in my t zone if I don’t exfoliate enough. I have rosacea that is triggered by wine, sugar, and high acidic foods like tomato sauce.

Basically – this skin is a hot mess!! But I’ve found a combination of products that seem to work really well. I will also say that I notice THE biggest changes in my skin when I change my diet. I take two supplements that help with energy and fat loss and help my skin to glow and stay less red. You can check those out for yourself here. Drinking a gallon of water and cutting sugar + alcohol out of your diet also makes a WORLD of difference. Those options aren’t the fun-nest ones but they are the cheapest ones!!

Step One

Beautycounter Facial Mist + Vibrating Skin Roller. I was skeptical of these quartz rollers but I love using it. It can help with lymphatic drainage (face puffiness) and helps to stimulate blood flow to your face. Think of all the benefits of massage, but for the part of your body that (literally) faces the world every day. Just try it!!

The beautycounter facial mist is only available through a beautycounter rep. I use it like this as part of my am skincare routine and I also give myself a spritz before I shave my face. YEP. It helps the razor glide.

Step Two

Skinceuticals Phloretin CF Serum – I started using this after noticing that the sun damage on my face seemed to be getting bigger and darker. I put it all over and I can tell a difference in those dark patches. Combined with my nighttime skincare routine I have seen a big difference.

Step Three

Dr Jart Moisturizer mixed with Self Tanner Drops – I love love love this Dr Jarts cream moisturizer. It’s think and creamy and makes dry, tight skin feel so good. I use the same one morning and night and I use it from my hairline all the way down to my nipples.

Step Four

The best Tinted Eye Cream – game changer for dark circles and creases. I love this eye cream so much that I’ve purchased it over and over and over. That’s rare. It’s a little pricy but a little goes a long way. It’s worth it.

Step Five

Milk Green Dragon Lip Balm – is there such a thing as too much lip balm? Are there people out there who do not get dry lips?! I don’t like lip balm pots that I have to stick my fingers in – I love the sleek packaging of this one and it does a great job of keeping my lips moisturized before I put on my gloss or my lipstick.

That’s it – my morning skincare routine in a nutshell! I hope you found some new products to add to your skincare shelf!