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New Month, New Goals

by Heather Hooker

✔️ new day
✔️ new month
✔️ new goals

I am focusing on HEALTHY HABITS this month and I created a free workout calendar that is 25-30 minutes a day, no equipment necessary with a variety of different types of workouts (no boredom allowed!) I shared it with my FB group first but if you’d like to join us drop an emoji below and I’ll send you all the details!
I don’t have a pace, distance or weight goal tied to this – my goal is 25 minutes of active movement and when I check that off each day I’m going to celebrate it as a win! What you focus on expands this habit and focus shift helps me feel happy and empowered. You gotta stop beating yourself up and try it!

Also – I’ve never been someone who can ‘wing it’ – I like having a plan, a goal, a checklist and some extra accountability! I workout with friends as often as I can & social media is a great tool tool. Create a new wellness IG for yourself if you want to keep your regular IG pics of your kiddos – it is literally free! Pictures tell so much more of the story than the scale does. 👏🏽

I’m tired of starting over so I’m making it harder for myself to fall off track! It’s not too late to take back a little of what this year has taken from us. Healthy habits up + time for the destructive habits to gtfo. Let’s gooooo 💪