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New Pruvit Ketones Flavor – Keto//OS Nat Groovy Grape

by Heather Hooker

A brand new flavor of ketones released today – Groovy Grape! The packaging is so cute and reminds me of a vintage 70’s soda pop! We have had a limited edition grape flavor release before – some of you may remember when we had a flavor called Purple Reign. If you were a fan of Purple Reign ketones you will love Groovy Grape.

πŸ‡ New flavor ALERT: Groovy Grape!πŸ‡ It’s available to order NOW but only for a limited time! β €I have been waiting for this one!!! I’ve heard it tastes like grape popsicle / grape nerds! 😍😍😍

Existing customers can log into the cloud to order: cloud.justpruvit.com

New customers can order here: https://heatherhooker.shopketo.com/product/keto-os-nat-groovy-grape-keto-bhb/

Groovy Grape is available for a limited time only in charged and caffeine free versions