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On Priorities, Pressure and Giving Yourself Grace | The Fit Mom Tribe Keto Community FB Live Replay

by Heather Hooker

Truth. I always feel like the underdog. Like I’m not doing enough. Like I’m not ENOUGH. Those are universal feelings and they are LIES…..

I give you permission today to do ONE THING that fills your cup up whether it is unfollowing that girl whose pictures make you feel less than OR picking a healthy meal not because you HAVE to but because you GET TO nourish this one healthy body you have.

I so missed you this month. I’ve been sharing pieces of my story on Instagram.com/heatherhookerketo – if you follow me there can you say HI so I know to follow you back 

This video was originally posted on my Facebook Page – The Fit Mom Tribe Keto Community – I’ll put the full transcription below!

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Video Transcript

Hi Guys. Heather Hooker here from thefitmomtribe.com. Actually just got a brand new URL. I’m trying to combine a few different things. So you can go to the fit mom, tribe.com, or you can go to HeatherHookerKeto.com It takes you to the same place as you are hopping on, just make sure that you can hear me. This is my first time trying to do one of these with my earbuds. So if you can hear me, just let me know. Please comment below. , Really don’t want to do this whole thing without, maybe I should just take them out.

Let’s see. All right. I’m just going to, I’m going to immense. I don’t know what to do. Let’s see. Can you guys hear me? Yeah, no, not sure. Is this too light? Really dark outside? I’m in my garage on my treadmill. It’s been a while since I have been live here. I’m going to tell you guys why and where have been you can hear me. Okay. Thank you, Sarah. Uthis is my first time trying this with the ear pods. So anyway,,f you are catching this live, if there is a red box right here that says live, drop a one below. If there is no red box right here that says live, that means you’re catching the replay. Drop a two below. That just helps me to know what the Facebook algorithm is doing. I also like to be able to reach out to you and say hi, thank you for stopping by and welcome you to the tribe.

If you’re new here, new to the tribe, let me know where you’re tuning in from and drop a new below. So one thing, one thing that I see on social media a lot is people who say, sorry, I didn’t post yesterday, sorry, I’ve been in I. And so what I think when I see those things are ain’t nobody paying attention to you. Okay? Like social media is supposed to be social, but what it tends to be more about is me, me, me, me, me. Right? So like you don’t notice when your friends are posting. Maybe if it’s only maybe your best friend posts every day and you notice, hey, she didn’t post yesterday, I wonder what’s going on with her. But as far as the other 200 friends on your Facebook feed or the other 600 people on your Instagram, like you don’t notice that.

Right. So my first thought when somebody posts that or says that is like you don’t even understand how social media works, but at the same time I have been really mia for the past month and I want it to just come on here and explain why and like some of what I have felt because I think that is something that is universal. I think that women and 2019 have this extra layer of pressure that is put on them because unlike our mothers, like our mothers, you know, they would go to work, they would get off at five o’clock, they would go home, fixed their dinner that they got out of their cookbook cookbook that their grandma gave them. Right. It’s like a hand me down recipe and then they would hang out with their kids are readable book and then they would go to bed and do those same thing.

Right. We are bombarded with what we don’t have on a daily basis. From the time we wake up to the time that we go to bed. And so who wakes up and grabs their phone first thing like drop a drop one of these emojis below if you wake up and the first thing that you touch in the morning is your cell phone. Cause I’ll, I’ll be honest like it, it has to be a very conscious decision for me to touch something other than that. And for the most part, my alarm clock is I use my phone as my alarm clock. So it’s like you re you roll over, you grab it, turn off the alarm clock. Right. And then you start scrolling. Right. And what are you looking at? You’re not looking at, you know, starving children or charity work or you know, the Gospel.

You’re looking at people with perfect outfits, people with perfect lives, people whose kids aren’t dirty, people whose houses have just been completely renovated and they’re so beautiful and gorgeous and clean and they don’t have any mess anywhere. Right? So, so we’re bombarded with that. And as a result, I think it’s easy to feel less than. It’s easy to feel like what you’re doing is not enough. And the past 30 days for me have really been a refining period where I have been forced to prioritize and I have been forced to think about what, what I want and how I want to spend my time and what are the most important things to me. And if you haven’t revisited that lately, I would suggest that you just sit down for a second and think about, sorry, I keep getting all these notifications and think about what you really want because we do have unlimited opportunities, but you have to be focused and you have to be really firm in who you are and what you’re willing to trade for those things.

So anyway, that’s really where, where I’m at and I just did not have it in the tank to do these videos or to really show up in my business. Luckily, I have built my business to a point that,,ou know, it sort of runs without me at this point, which is the goal. That’s not how I like to do it. , Like to lead from the front. But , y have to take care of yourself first and you cannot pour from an empty cup. So if your cup fills empty, if you have not been doing something that fills up your soul and makes you feel good, you are not going to be the best wife, mother, friend, business owner. So I guess that’s really the point of this is I want you, I’m going to challenge you to do something today that makes you feel good.
And that might be something as small as pulling up your Instagram and seeing that one person that every time she slides through your feed, do you think, Ugh, why is she so perfect? Like how, why am I not perfect like her? Right? Does everybody have one of those people? Follow her. Okay. Even if it’s me, I don’t know how it could be me because I got this Zit right here and I’m like, I haven’t washed my hair in four days. But okay. Even if it’s me, if I make you feel bad when you see me crawl, scroll across your news, lead, unfollow me. Okay? Like we do some of this to ourself and we have more power to control it, then we give ourselves credit for it. So that’s your challenge. When you have done one thing today, that your future self is gonna thank you for something that’s gonna fill up your cup. Whether it’s just sitting down for 10 minutes and reading a book that has nothing to do with anything. Read in a book for pleasure. When’s the last time we did that?
Or making a healthy choice? Think of that as nourishing, nourishing, instead of deprivation. Go fix yourself a lunch that is gonna. You know, really fuel yourselves with micronutrients and macronutrients that’s going to make you feel good. It’s not gonna make you feel tired and make a healthy choice. Maria, I love you. So anyway, I’m back. I’m on my treadmill, I’m getting back at it. But like this morning, here’s what I did. So yesterday I felt like crap, this whole month of August has been a crap shoot. But what I did yesterday is I set out my intentions for today. I know I’ve been in this place before where I just feel like I can’t do it all. I’m not doing things to, you know, I feel like I’m starting to like fail in areas. I feel like I’m drowning. Right. I think that’s common. I think that’s something that we all feel universally.
So whenever I start to feel like I’m drowning, right, you can keep treading water or you can start to float. Okay. So start to float, relax, release. I made a list of to do list that I wanted to do today and it, that it’s on my Instagram. My Instagram is Heather hooker. Kito if you go look at my Instagram stories, you can see my to do list for today. It was get the kids to school. Okay. Check that off. Got them to the bus stop. Is Name. The second one was gratitude. Gratitude changes everything. If you don’t practice that, get a notebook. Start writing down all of the things that you are grateful for. If you are having trouble in your relationships, if your relationship with your husband and your relationship with your kids, your relationship with your mom, start writing out all of the things that you’re grateful for about that person and I swear to you, things will change.
You can do the same thing with your health and fitness journey. Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude, gratitude. You can do the same thing with your business like I use. That’s like my, that’s like my secret. That’s my secret. Gratitude. Start writing down, focusing on the things that are good that are going well and you will get more of that. Okay. I meditated for the first time in two months. It wasn’t the best meditation session I’ve ever had. I don’t think I ever really got into like the, the calm at whatever it is. I don’t know what it feels like. Whenever you’re like meditating regularly, it feels like you took a nap. Like when when you’re done, when your alarm goes off, you wake up and you feel like refresh. Well, you’re not asleep, but you like open your eyes and you feel refreshed, like you took a nap.
I didn’t feel that way today. I actually got interrupted during my 10 minutes of meditation, but I tried. Okay, tomorrow will be better and I’m really focusing on what brings me joy and I am going to, I’m going to get rid of everything else. So I give you permission to do the same. Not that you need it from me. It’s already right in here, but sometimes it helps to just hear somebody say it. So anyway, not that I see tomorrow. I’ll be back here tomorrow because I missed you guys and I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday.