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Pruvit Mitoplex Electrolytes sample pack – With this pack you will get to experience the amazing benefits of our upgraded electrolyte blend, MITOPLEX!!

Click here to learn more about Mitoplex: https://pruvit.tv/watch/316

My husband and I drink these once or twice a day. The Original flavor can be added to your favorite Ketones and the Citrus flavors Bombastic Orange, Electric Lime and Fantastic Lemon can be added to ice cold water. I recommend adding electrolytes to your Ketones for the best possible experience!

In addition to the other benefits – the delicious citrus flavors help me drink more water each day – they are delicious!

You will get one of each flavor when you add this to your order.

The Pruvit Mitoplex Electrolytes are uniquely designed to pair perfectly with Keto//Nat drinks – resulting in the ideal combination of nutrients to help you feel great all day long (and less sodium than other brands!)

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