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Sample Experience Kit (10 Packets)


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YOUR 10 PACKET EXPERIENCE Kit Includes (but not limited to) a variety of flavors listed below:

FLAVORS Included

  • Lime Time NAT
  • Raspberry lemonade NAT
  • Heart Tart NAT
  • Strawberry Peach NAT
  • Blueberry Acai NAT (caffeine free)
  • Berry Blue NAT
  • Chocolate Swirl PRO
  • Orange Dream PRO
  • Swiss Cacao NAT
  • Splash NAT

These flavors are all mainstay flavors – yay! Mainstays are available year round and at discounted rates – I’ll include more details about that in your package to help you get the best deals.

The 10 Day Experience is a great way to try this system and see how it works and to find your favorite flavors to stock up on a single flavor box with a larger quantity plus discount!

Drink 1 packet a day, anytime you like, works great while intermittent fasting to help extend the fast! Combine with your favorite healthy meal plan for best fat loss results.  Can be consumed with any nutritional plan to experience the below benefits.


    • KETO//OS Promotes Relaxation.
    • KETO//OS May Reduce Stress & Frustration.
    • KETO//OS May Temporarily Reduce Absentmindedness.
    • KETO//OS May Boost Stamina.
    • KETO//OS Helps Enhance Muscle Tone.
    • KETO//OS may help provide relief from stress, such as occasional simple tension, nervousness due to common over work and fatigue, and gently soothes away tension.
  • KETO//OS #1 Ketone Supplement.
  • KETO//OS Stimulates Fat Loss.
  • KETO//OS Increases Muscle Preservation.
  • KETO//OS Reduces Brain Fog.
  • KETO//OS Increases Focus.
  • KETO//OS Improves Strength Gain.
  • KETO//OS Promotes a Better Mood.
  • KETO//OS Causes Primal Body Function.
  • KETO//OS Provides a Deeper Sleep.
  • Keto//OS May Promote Cleaner Digestion.
  • KETO//OS Will Not Promote Lipogenesis.
  • KETO//OS Enhances Physical Performance.
  • KETO//OS Promotes High Nitrogen Retention Protein Synthesis.
  • KETO//OS Provides Elevated and Sustained High Energy Ketones.
  • KETO//OS Promotes Sustained Energetics.
  • KETO//OS Promotes Thermogenesis.
  • KETO//OS May Provide Neuroprotection & Increase brain activity.
  • KETO//OS Promotes Triglyceride Reduction.
  • KETO//OS Promotes Enhanced Neurological Efficiency. KETO//OS Promotes Re-balancing of Yeast in Gut (candida).
  • Elevated Ketones Helps with Appetite Suppression. Science Suggests Elevated Ketones May Reduce Free Radicals.
  • Elevated Ketones May Temporarily Reduce Stiffness.
  • Elevated Ketones in the Body May Stabilize the Body During Seasonal Changes.
  • Elevated Ketones May Increase Lipolysis for Energy Substrate Utilization.
  • Elevated Ketones May Help Strengthen and Support Cartilage & Joint function.
  • Science Suggests Elevated Ketones May Help to Maintain Cholesterol Levels That are Already Within Normal Range.
  • Elevated Ketones May Help With Mild Memory Issues Due to Aging.
  • Elevated Ketones Helps to Reduce Mood Swings.
  • Elevated Ketones May Help to Provide Minor Pain Relief.
  • Science Suggests Elevated Ketones May Increase TCA Cycle Efficiency and ATP Production.
  • Elevated Ketones May Help Maintain Cardiovascular Function and a Healthy Circulatory System.
  • Elevated Ketones May Assist in Improving The Pattern of LDL Cholesterol and Increases Levels of HDL (good cholesterol). Science Suggests Elevated Ketones May Assist in Cognitive Improvement.
  • Science Suggests Elevated Ketones May Improve Insulin Insensitivity.
  • Science Suggests Elevated Ketones May Improve Cellular Health and Longevity/Anti-aging.
  • Science Suggests Elevated Ketones Promotes Fat Loss Without Muscle Loss.
  • Elevated Ketones promotes Clearer Skin.


* NAT is our NEWEST BLEND of ketone, it is the worlds FIRST naturally formulated exogenous ketone, it will stay in your system longer then anything else on the market and this kit will include all NAT flavors as long as they are in stock!