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Pruvit Customer Service Phone Number

by Heather Hooker

This is going to be a let down, but there is NO pruvit customer service phone number. I know. Hopefully in the future we will expand our customer service departments to include both a phone number and a web chat but as of right now we are a completely web based company.

Being web based means that there are a few different places on the internet to check to see if you can find an answer to your question and we also have a customer support email address that you can send your question to.

No Pruvit Customer Service Phone Number – No Problem!

Here is a list of places where you might find an answer quickly to your customer support query. I hope that you do!

1. Your Pruvit Promoter – Because Pruvit is an MLM – I would say to reach out to your promoter. They may know the answer or be able to help you find a solution quickly.

2. Pruvit Customer Group – If you have a Pruvit account you can request to join this customer group and use the search button (it looks like a little magnifying glass) to see if anyone in the group has asked your question.

3. Pruvit Keto 101 – The Keto 101 page has video answers to frequently asked questions about our exogenous ketones and other products.

4. Pruvit Research Page – Learn more about the science behind our products on the Pruvit’s Research page

5. Pruvit FAQ’s – An extensive list of Pruvit’s most frequently asked questions!

6. Just Pruvit Facebook Page – Send a message, search or leave a comment! Every Wednesday they host a Facebook Live with a Dr and you can ask medical questions there. They are timestamped afterwards so it’s a great resource!

7. Just Pruvit Instagram Page – You can leave a comment or send a message on the official Pruvit Instagram Page

8. Brian Underwood Instagram Page – This is our CEO and he actually has his cell phone number right in his bio. Send him a message!

9. Pruvit TV – One of my favorite resources is Pruvit TV!! You can sort these videos by New, Popular, Search or On Demand and it’s accessible on the web or as an app on your phone.

10. Pruvit Recipes – The most popular way to use your ketones is to drink them, but we also have some really great recipes that you can try – check them out here.

11. Holistifit Wellness – I have been using and sharing these products for over 3 years and I’ve been able to build a little resource for my own customers. Feel free to use the search bar right here on this website to see if I have answered your question.

Let’s see … did I miss anything? Oh yes – the email! Our customer service department works monday through friday and sometimes it can takes 48+ hours to receive a response to your email so, it may be worth your time to check out one of the 11 resources above first – but it’s up to you!

The customer service email is support@pruvithq.com