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Pruvit Ketones for Sale (Cheaper than Ebay!)

by Heather Hooker

My Faves:

AM: raspberry lemonade keto nat mixed with 1/2 scoop of orange dream (in the tub)

Don’t eat until I’m physically hungry – chicken caesar salad, meat and veggie wrap, low carb pizza, or chaffle sandwich around 1pm

3pm: chocolate swirl protones shaken up with cold coffee – my afternoon iced latte

Dinner: sensible dinner! Meat and green veggies most days with 1-2 ‘whatever I want’ meals

Dessert: cookie dough fat bombs!!

Drinks (as needed 😜) : dry farm wine, Michelob ultra… vodka/soda/limes, whiskey/Diet Coke/limes

No tracking anything although I do look at net carbs and try not to eat anything over 5 net carbs as a snack.

Honestly this lifestyle is so easy to do – people over complicate it! And be patient with yourself – focus on non scale victories and making good choices and you can change your whole life 🖤

// This is the transcript of this video – so I hope that you get the gist of it // 

Hey guys, Heather Hooker here from thefitmomtribe.com. And I have something really exciting to share with you guys today because I’ve been waiting, I’ve been waiting on these packages to show up and just a coincidence that these packages came in last night. And so I’m going to open them up. I’m going to share you share with you what this magic drink is that puts you into ketosis and an hour or less, it’s the very same thing that has helped my husband lose over 40 pounds. He went from a size 38 pant to he just got a pair of Joe’s jeans in the mail that are a size 31. that was in the last year, year and a half. , Is so simple to do. All you have to do is shake this up, mix it with water. It dissolves completely and you just drink it. So literally anyone can do it.

Everyone that I know should be drinking this at least once a day for more energy, appetite suppression. It curbs your cravings for junk food. It even helps with your mood. So if you’re somebody who, you know, tends to lose patients easily, if you’re surrounded by kids or you know, you have like a high stress job, this is really going help mellow you out a little bit, ,while giving you energy at the same time, which I know sounds crazy, but it’s honestly just like optimizing your life. So, one the things that I am really big on, one of the things that I will spend money on, no question are things that will improve my life. This drink is one of those things. OK. It’s a non negotiable for me, because it just makes my day better. It helps me sleep better at night when I lay down.

It helps me get all of the things done that I want to get done in a day. So it’s just worth it basically. ,O I got two different, they had, they had shipped me two different packages because this one was actually sold out. This is one of our most popular flavors. It’s called heart tart and it taste like strawberry candy. So this is one of our most popular flavors. They shipped it separately. But believe it or not, they showed up on the same day. , Who has tried ketones before? If you’ve tried ketones before, comment below. Let me know what your results are, how you felt, what’s your favorite flavor is. , Wt I wanted to do today is open these packages and I wanted to show you how our discount program works because I’m a big believer in, , ok now, getting the most bang for your book and as a company, we the best customer loyalty program that I have ever seen, I’ve ever heard of.

So let me show you what all I got today for free and then I’m going to show you how you can take advantage of this same thing. So this is a whole, a whole box. Wait, let me see if my,,h yeah, look here. So this is, I don’t want to show you my address because that’s creepy. , T this is my shipping label. So this is, ,l’s see, what did I get? What did I get? I got a box of Maui punch. So that’s 20 packets of Maui punch. I got that for $0 million. , I t a box of raspberry lemonade, which is our other most popular flavor. So these, if you’re not sure what to get and you decide that you want to try this, I will put my link below. These are the two most popular flavors. This tastes like lemonade.

If you like more part this taste a little bit sweeter. So this is more like a strawberry candy. You really can’t go wrong with either one of these, but just depending on your personal preference but you can see that I also got the raspberry limited a whole box for $0 million. Do you guys see that? Zero. Don’t look at my nails. I need a manicure I got a whole box of splash for $0 dollars. I see that splash zero. And then at the bottom there, what’s that? What does that say? The keto kreme. Okay. And then I also got a free box of Maui Punch.

So this is 60 servings of ketones that I got for free. I can’t even pick them all up. I can’t even pick up all my free ketones. Okay. So four whole boxes. There’s 20 packets in each box. I got all of this for free. And then I’ve also got a whole box of our keto kreme (keto coffee creamer) for free. So what’s the keto kreme? The Kreme goes in your coffee. It just dissolves. It makes it taste like a latte and it has the good fats, the MCTs that are converted to energy quickly so that they don’t get con, they don’t like stick to your butt. They just get converted to energy. ,His is great if you are following a low carb diet or a strict keto diet, I don’t recommend that you drink this if you’re not keto at all. These you can drink no matter what healthy diet you follow.

And these are going to help you reach your goals faster. So again, if you, if you want to reach your goals faster and you want to have better days, better nights, which lead to better weeks, better months, better years, and you have an esophageal and you shake up a drink with water and drink it, right? This is the, this is it for you. Okay. So these are the ketones. These don’t have the ketones in them, that this is like a really good source of good, healthy fats and it also has the bomb collagen. ,Ou know, I would like bathe in the collagen if I could. The collagen is good stuff. It’s better than you know, going and spending your money at Ulta and buying these $100 face creams that you know, you just wash off. So the collagen is from the inside out and it gives you this sort of glow.

So anyway, so how to do this is we have something called smart ship and what that is, is you go onto the website, which I’ll post below in the comments and you pick your product. So say you know, you like drinks that are a little bit more sweet. So you’re going to pick heart tart and then at checkout you’re going to do today and smart ship. Okay. Now ordinarily you would have to pay full price for this on day one. And then 30 days from now you would get another box of this shipped to your house. It shows up right on your doorstep, which I love because I never run out. It would show up on your doorstep and you would be charged at a discount price. Okay? So every month after that you will be charged 22% off. So say I want to buy a heart tart today, I start drinking it and then my husband starts stealing my packets, right?

Which is what happened here. And so then I realized that I’m running out, all I have to do is log into my account. And so I would just log in, I would add another box, maybe, you know, I log in and I add the raspberry lemonade and I decided I want to try the keto kreme because since I started drinking these ketones, like my car, my cravings for sugar are gone and I’ve been eating healthier, whatever, I’m going to save 22% off all of that. Okay? So you get this 22% off discount that you can change the products, you can change the date, you also get your very own referral code that you can use to share with your friends and family. So if you’re somebody who likes to share things that are working for them, or if you’re somebody who has a circle of friends that you know, maybe you have a, a group of girlfriends that you go to the gym with and you’re all sort of working on this you know, just you’re, you’re just trying to like keep up, keep, I don’t know.

I don’t know what you’re trying to do, but you’re just, you have like some fit friends and you’re working on some goals together, right? And they see the difference in you. They see your stomach shrinking, they see you dropping pounds, they see you, you know, pushing harder in your workouts. And so they want to know what, what this is and what you’re drinking. You can send them your customer referral link and have them order under you without having to be a promoter or buy into anything. So that is included in your smart ship. As soon as you have two customers, two friends, two friends and family members or two sisters who use your customer referral link and they’re also getting their shipment every single month, you’re going to start earning stuff for free. And that’s how I got this whole box of free product because I share my link.

And even though this is my job, I still earn free product every single month as well. So that’s how you do it. I will tell you my favorite, my top favorite things, and this is like my ideal day, what I would use would be first thing in the morning, I like to do raspberry lemonade and I’m mixed that with our chocolate protons in orange swirl. So I do one packet of this. I do half a scoop of this. ,His is also available in packets, but I like it in the tub that cause I can use like half a scoop at a time. So when you mix these two together, it tastes like pink Starburst. Okay. So this is basically like my morning smoothie and then I will not eat, til I feel physical hunger. So it’s normally like one o’clock. I try to eat a salad or a wrap.

I have a lot of pizza recipes that I really enjoy that are low carb and sometimes, like I said, like the benefit of drinking these is that you don’t have to be strict keto and you still stay in ketosis. You still have those benefits of brain benefits, energy focus, mood,,ppetite suppression. So that is how I do the first part of the day. And then right before my kids get off the school bus, I will take the chocolate swirl protones ketones and I will shake that up with cold brew coffee. I normally use stok cold brew coffee, hich I think I have in my fridge now. If I’m not, if I run out of it, then I’ll just brew a pot of extra coffee that morning and I’ll stick the whole carafe in my fridge. So it’s ready for me. So I’ll drink this. This is what I call a Mermaid Tears

It’s like a, an ice fat burning latte. This is the drink that helped my husband lose almost 50 pounds last year. He did this for breakfast every day and he did not follow a strict keto diet. He did not work out and he has a super high stress long hour jobs. So this was like the thing that worked for him because it was something that he could fit into his schedule. It was something that he could make sure that he did every day that was going help move him forward. And it did. And he feels amazing. I’m really proud of him. But, so like we’ve been drinking this for a long time, but this is my afternoon, this is my ride before the kids get off the bus, like pick me up. Like, okay, let’s get back in gear, let’s get my energy back up.

I’ve got to keep up with, you know, my six year old little boy who has this unending energy reserve. So that’s what I’ll do in the afternoons that helps curb like the nighttime cravings. I don’t know if this has ever affected you, but a lot of times in the past when I would try to eat healthier, I would do great all day. Right? And so the kids went to bed and then at nine o’clock I would be like laying in bed watching, you know, something trashy, real Housewives or whatever. And I would be stuffing my face cookies and cheesy crackers and goldfish and like whatever. So having this extra drink in the afternoon helps curb that for me. It also helps me sleep better, which makes me then in turn a better wife and mom. So that’s, that’s like my, this is my combo. Okay. So this is what I personally use every day.

Now the the other thing is, and the thing that’s sort of like serendipitous with cause I was planning on doing this video anyway, is that we are having a sale today for brand new customers. You can sign up for smart ship, you get all of the things that we talked about before. I’m the extra 22% off discount, your very own customer referral code to earn free products. You also get a free whole box of products every fourth month. So today, this is October, right? October, November, December, January, February. So in February, even if you never share your link at all, you just sign up, you get your discounted products every month in February, our company is going to send you a whole extra free box with your shipment just for being a loyal customer. So like I said, it’s the best customer loyalty program I’ve ever seen. But today, October the 11th, and I think it runs too.

Tomorrow I’ll have to double check and I’ll post the link below this. But today only we have a discounted rate for brand new customers. If you’ve never ordered anything from me from our website you can save 22% off today. So you’ll never pay full price, never pay full price, 22% off everything. And then also you get free products. So it’s like a no brainer. Everything does have a money back guarantee because we are so confident that you’re going to love it. I don’t think that you’re going need to use that. I think that you’re going to get these products and you know, after a few days you’re going to be like, Oh my God, I can’t live without them because that, that’s what happens. And that’s how, that’s the reason why my business, you know, sharing these products has grown so fast.

It’s just a good product and it helps people and it hits all of these little areas that maybe you don’t even realize are off until you try it. And then you don’t want to go back. You don’t want to go back to feeling tired all day and grumpy all day and out of patience all the time and always running behind on your to do list and not feeling like you slept through the night. You know? So like as a busy mom, it’s worth it 100% to make sure that I do this one thing every single day for myself. I drink this drink every single day for myself. It’s like a nonnegotiable for me and it’s made a huge difference in my life in so many different ways. And I just can’t live without it. So anyway, I will post the link below for you to take advantage of this sale. If you have any questions about this specific flavors, comment on this post and tag me and I can tell you what the flavors tastes like. The names are, the names are a little weird. but I can try to explain what I think they taste like so that you can make the best choice for you. So I hope that you guys have a wonderful Friday and a wonderful weekend out pumpkin patching it up.

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