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Pruvit Products Explained! (and the Safety of our Ketone Drink Mix)

by Heather Hooker

Pruvit was the very first company to bring a brand new product called ‘exogenous ketones’ to the mass market. Since the beginning our company has been committed to excellence in providing a real solution for people who want better as well as creating a brand new product category by leading with science and education.

Below I’m linking several resources so that you can learn more about the science, safety, and efficacy of our products. We are still the only product on the market that is bioidentical to the ketones your body naturally produces when you either fast or avoid all carbohydrates; the only ketone drink mix on the market to put your body into ketosis in one hour or less AS WELL as the category king leader of the entire product category. We continue to be focused on innovation and have now launched new products including free cell technology ketones that absorb in minutes and our multi-patented PRO//TONES which are a blend of our premium exogenous ketone formula, protein and healthy fats from mct oil.

Our products feature no artificial colors or flavors and are instead colored and flavored with essential oils and other all natural colors and flavors.

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and we also have an app that you can download with tons of information called PRUVIT TV

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